Downloads and Resources

– Saki –



Picture Dramas

  • RAW –
    • .mkv downloads (ctrl + f “bonus”) <– seems not to be working the last time I checked.  Let me know if you find a place that allows you to download it — I found one but it’s hosted on FileServe, and we know how well that’s working out.  Try here, but I can’t guarantee quality or completeness as I haven’t downloaded it from here myself.
    • Korean subbed

Drama CDs


RAWLearn how to register at Nico Nico to view these.

  • 咲-Saki- オリジナルドラマCD
    The seven mysteries of the mahjong club.  Should probably listen to it if you’re a Hisa or Itou Shizuka fan.
  • 咲-Saki- オリジナルドラマCD 第2局
    Currently unavailable online.
  • 咲-Saki- オリジナルドラマCD 第3局
    All Koromo fans should listen from around 20:00 to 30:00 of this.  And all KajuMomo fans should listen to the last ten minutes or so, where Stealth!Momo uses her stealth to, cough, dubious ends.

4 thoughts on “Downloads

    • It’s rather unlikely at this point. If you’ll notice the 3000+ views of it on YouTube, nearly 90% of the views came from Japan, which is just depressing.

      I’m going to put it on the back burner for awhile; there’s other HxM stuff I need to focus on (which I’ve been sadly neglecting).

  1. The lack of views isn’t due to a lack of quality on your part, but rather it’s poor visibility. I would have loved this months ago had I known it existed.

    • Haha, thanks. And I guess I was really asking for it myself, by including all those Japanese search terms/tags. My most frequently searched keywords are “咲 saki 1 (話)”, so it’s not like they were even trying to find the drama CD. ^_^; (In case you can’t read Japanese, it’s basically “Saki (episode) 1”.

      I’ve been really neglecting “Falter” by translating the recent Hisa-heavy manga chapters, so maybe after I churn a couple more chapters of “Falter” out, if I have time, etc. But subbing, really, takes so much more time than translating manga chapters, for me. Since I am nearly as technologically incompetent as Mihoko. ='(

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