[Hakka-ya] Strawberry Glaze

Strawberry Glaze

Gosh, my last release was November 2013.  D:  If anyone gets their hands on more Hakka-ya raws lemme know.  Make sure they’re actually raws and not Chinese scanlations though.

Strawberry Glaze features the usual Bucap cuteness… with cameos from Kana, Nodoka, Yumi, Kanbara Wahaha, and others.  And are there untranslated doujin (whether by Hakka-ya or not) that feature Kana’s unrequited love for Mihoko?  I wouldn’t mind taking a peek at (and possibly translating) those.

Or heck, if there’s some super cute/cool (non-sexual, or at least, sex should not be the focus of the doujin) yuri doujin/manga you want translated, send them my way and I’ll take a look.  (No promises.)

Hint: If it involves “Iya… dame…”, “Kimochi ii…”, or “Kanjichau…!” cliches, giant boobs, OoC, or any men, it’s not my cup of tea.  What it should have is originality, good art, and an interesting storyline/lots of fluffiness.  I’ll obviously be more interested if you share something from a fandom that I’ve already mentioned on the blog, but it’s not a prereq.

FLOWERS — Yuri Visual Novel

Click here for the Summer Volume/夏篇.

Okay people, new yuri visual novel alert:

Flowers by Innocent Grey

[Detailed translated summary within]

The art is, shall we say, beyond fucking gorgeous.  The game’s coming out April 18th, but I suspect it’ll be a few days after that before someone uploads a torrent or download for it.  Upside is, the demo just came out on March 15th, so for anyone who’s interested, you can go here to download it (113 MB, and some ads on the site may be NSFW).

Obviously, if you play it’ll be in Japanese, but I thought I might as well write a summary.

You play the game from the perspective of Shirahane Suou.

She is quiet and timid by nature, but often mistaken as ‘cool’ and stoic by others because of her taciturnity.

Before enrolling into the (boarding) school, she lived with her grandfather and received distance education, which further exacerbated her shyness and lack of social grace around people.

But rather than disliking people in general, Suou genuinely desires to forge meaningful friendships with her peers at school.  Still, she gets nervous easily and her face flushes in embarrassment more often than not.

Voice Sample:

[audio http://www.gungnir.co.jp/lily/flowers/download/flowers_suo01.mp3|titles= Sample 01|artists=Shirahane Suou]


The others (the ones that show up in the demo, anyway):

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[Hakka-ya] Hajimete no Amimono

Hajimete no Amimono
(First Knitted Scarf)

So yes, I have been kind of dead, yada yada, but here you go.

I dunno if it’s the addition of Yumi (and a little Kajumomo) but somehow it doesn’t have as much of the d’awwww feeling as the usual Hakka-ya Bucap?  Dunno.

Incidentally, I am feeling more excited about the second season of Psycho-Pass (let’s hope Urobuchi ups the gaylicious factor with Shion, Yayoi, and hopefully, the new Inspector girl Shimotsuki) than the second season of Saki (the new art style makes me cry a little, and with the focus ostensibly on mahjong, I don’t see Bucap getting much love) or the upcoming Hisa chapters in the manga.

And is it just me, or is MediaFire being a butt and not letting me upload .zip files with Japanese characters in them?

[Namaashi] Monmon

What’s this, a new release?  8D

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like I can get my hands on Hakka-ya raws anytime in the near future, but hey, Shion x Yayoi is great too.  8D

(If you ever find a Hakka-ya raw floating around that I haven’t translated (and please, for the love of yuri, make sure it’s Japanese, and not Chinese when you do share), feel free to share with me.  I’m more into the newer ones, but if it’s an old one, I may do it as well.)

This is just an online thing that an artist’s done and posted up on pixiv, but I quite like most of his/her stuff.  There’s one that’s a bit weird that I’ve read, but hey, no one’s perfect.  You can check out the raws for this and other stories by the same artist here.  You will need a pixiv account, but the registration process should be painless since you can register in English.


So there’s been an explosion of Shion x Yayoi stuff due to the fact that it was Shion’s birthday just a while earlier (May 25th, it seems).  Some of them are terribly OoC and I want nothing to do with them, but this was a nice, romantic take on their relationship (even if my personal interpretation of the characters is slightly different!).

If you liked Shion and Yayoi as much as I did and found them the only redeeming point of Psycho-Pass, then take a look at this.  8D  Do be warned that it’s slightly emo.  Only ever so slightly.  It’s a sweet and lovely doujin.  Honestly, if you like Hakka-ya and are familiar with Shion and Yayoi, I think you can trust my taste.  8D

And here, take a look at the art:


[Hakka-ya] Amai Okashi to

Amai Okashi to
(With Sweet Confections)

A big thank you to Kuro, Saluki, and WeatheredPeach from Yuri Project for networking with 百度天才麻将少女吧 and making this release possible!

Okay, so this is the last untranslated Hakka-ya (Bucap) raw that I have on hand.  I haven’t been in contact with Yuri Project per se for a while, so I’m not sure if I’ll be able to continue translating Hakka-ya stuff, or if someone else will be getting the raws to work on (or if they’ve been translated already), and so on.  But I will keep you all abreast when I know.

(As you can probably tell from my last two releases — surroundings and Amai Okashi to, I kind of left them last since they’re relatively speaking, low on the Bucap factor.  And I’m not too fond of Nodobewbs, so.  8D)

With that said, please enjoy this Hakka-ya doujin, whether you’re a Bucap fan or if you ship KajuMomo or whomever.

P.S.  With the huge overlap between Bucap fans/yuri fans/Shizuru x Natsuki fans, I’m assuming you all know what ‘kaichou’ means, which is why I left it untranslated in the doujin.  ‘Kaichou’ in a school setting usually just means the student council (congress!) president.

[Hakka-ya] surroundings


A big thanks to Kuro, Saluki, and WeatheredPeach from Yuri Project for networking with 百度天才麻将少女吧 and making this release possible!

So okay, let’s get this out of the way — Mihoko doesn’t actually appear in the doujin itself, but it’s so much about Bucap that you won’t believe it.

As the title “surroundings” suggests, it’s about people around Hisa (namely, Irrelevant Male Character (don’t worry, nothing happens :D), Fujita Yasuko (Katsudon-san), and Yumi).  It’s quite well-written, and I really like how Hakka-ya approached it?

I didn’t translate the one with the guy in it (it’s only a few pages long), but you can read more on it in the Notes attached to this release if you’re interested.

I think it’s adorable how lovey-dovey Hisa is even when Mihoko isn’t around.  She’s so silly and adorable!

Hope you’ll enjoy this, since I know it’s been *cough* awhile since the last release!

P.S.  Again, I’m having trouble with yet another file hosting site that is not MediaFire… isn’t there anyone out there who knows of one that allows files to be kept on even after 30 days of inactivity?  I need two good file hosting sites at any given time.  I hate the shitty ones that are thinly disguised attempts to get your e-mail address so they can spam you.  The best I can find so far that isn’t MF is Data File Host, which will keep files on for up to 60 days of inactivity, or so it says.  Still, I would appreciate any other recommendations for future reference — ones that require the least amount of effort for people to download stuff (e.g. no wait periods or CAPTCHAs).

[Hakka-ya] Kiyosumi Captain Monogatari’

Kiyosumi Captain Monotagari’
(The Story of Kiyosumi’s Captain’)

Thanks to Kuro, Saluki, and WeatheredPeach from Yuri Project for networking with 百度天才麻将少女吧 and making this possible!

Happy New Year!

Lucky you, another present.  :D  And again, this is the sequel to the original Kiyosumi Captain Monogatari.  As always, note the little… mark.

And, I was fairly amused by the very last panel since it echoes another scene within the Hakka-ya doujin verse.  :D  Does anyone else remember which title it was or what I’m referring to?  I’m 95% sure I remember where it came from.