Psycho-Pass 2 Ep 11

Hehe, I was so unexcited for the finale that I actually forgot to watch the last episode.  :D

Wow, the weird bullshitty stuff is back in full force.  It was like a Throwback Thursday to Season 1’s bullshit.  Ugh.

And Tougane basically just has an Oedipus complex.  What’s that with keeping his mother “pure” though?  She’s CA.  So like…?  That makes about as much sense as “I’m going to keep charcoal black!!” or “I’LL MAKE SURE WATER STAYS WET”?  A+. You get a gold star, Tougane.

And Tougane’s seiyuu is really, really crap at emotional scenes.  He sounds constipated.  But yay!  Hidaka Noriko.  <3  She should be the voice for all public announcements everywhere.

Does anyone really get what happened in this episode?  Because it seemed like a whole lot of hand waving to me.  I get it as far as “judging a group of people collectively and seeing what their PP is” in order to “see” and to “judge” Kamui, as well as how that’s analogous to Sibyl as a collective, even if it retcons on what PP is based on (yes, because having someone else’s spleen is going to affect your PP so much amirite?  And that would make Sibyl’s PP an “inaccurate” reading too, since they’re all just brains).  The fact that Kamui can be recognised is a little iffy (basically this means if you point a Dominator at a corpse now, you can also judge it???) but okay, let’s go with it.  But why could Tougane Misako be judged?

The WHOLE POINT is that she’s CRIMINALLY ASYMPTOMATIC.  Whether she’s judged individually or as a whole does not alter that fact.  Like okay, I get that where they’re going with it is “Oh but even though everyone’s CA, when Sibyl is judged collectively its PP could be above 300, which it is.”  But how do you murder “innocent” (i.e. clear PP) individuals that collectively read 300+?  It would only make sense if you could either a) massacre everyone involved or b) isolate the ones that contribute to this rating.  Kamui’s pointing the Dominator at Misako, not at Sibyl the entity.  Why does it read that high?  Sibyl did this sort of Internal Affairs hoolah and black smogged offending brains, but?

And how is it even possible for Sibyl to isolate the few “bad apples” that make its collective PP go over 300?  They’re all psychopaths.  They’re all creepy little shits that would put Makishima to shame.

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Psycho-Pass 2 Ep 10

Okay, so I guess there is some moderate type of consistency to Kamui’s madness.  He’s not “unnecessarily violent” toward citizens unless he “has” to be.  Makishima would’ve happily gotten all five hundred hostages killed, or at least vamoosed before they detonated the bomb and leaving the people to their fate, but Kamui didn’t, here.

He trusted Akane to keep her word and let the people go so she could be his guide and take him to Sibyl.  Why Sibyl didn’t immediately turn and fake Akane’s PP and made it 300+ so Tougane could kill her is beyond me.  Or why Tougane didn’t shank Akane the moment he realised his ploy to worsen her Hue wouldn’t work.

And RE: Akane’s “reasoning” for evolving or stagnating as a collective.
Misako ISN’T the one in charge… and it’s possible that the rest of the CA floaty brains will agree with Akane’s assessment that they similarly should be judged, if they really are as “fair’ as they’re supposed to be as a collective (even though they’re just a bunch of murderous psychopaths).  But if their desire to preside, to rule, and to subjugate is greater (as in Misako’s case), why would they want change?  It’s precisely because someone didn’t want change that the Season of Hell was even a thing.

But LOLOLOLOL, was Tougane trying to pass as 28 years old when he was 41?  LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL.

Please don’t make me laugh???  He was really born in 2073 and they said he was like thirteen years younger.  And made it seem like he’d been a latent criminal since the past year only.  Puh-lease.

Also, is it possible that when Kasei warned Akane about Tougane being someone with the highest PP on record that she was someone else and not Misako in Kasei’s body?

Also, this just occurred to me… but I always just thought they recycled lines from Hidaka Noriko since Dominator says set lines and doesn’t really have any new lines per se… but when you think about it, whenever Dominator specifically says someone’s PP, they actually have to bring Hidakinator in to say that one line.  :D  I’m so happy she gets paid for giving us one classy line.  Nothing else defines the pinnacle of production cost splurging than getting a veteran to do ONE line every other episode pretty much.

And gosh, I want so much to like Mika but she’s making herself really, really unlikable.  As expected, she started freaking out when she felt indirectly responsible for Akane’s grandma’s death, but then she sort of pep talks herself out of it by saying she was “simply carrying out Sibyl’s will” and she’s PLEASED that she’s “the head of Division 1” when Akane’s on standby BECAUSE HER GRANDMA WAS BRUTALLY KILLED.  I don’t even want my lesbian soap opera anymore with Mika being like this in canon.

Like even Ginoza’s more likeable.  He had a much better reason for being the resident sceptic, and he treated Akane oodles better than Mika treats Akane… and that’s when Mika’s Akane’s junior, to boot.  I think Mika’s really poorly written by this point.  She simply exists to leak relevant information to Akane that she couldn’t have known otherwise on her own whenever the plot demands.  Why did she randomly go and tell Akane about Kamui’s beef with Tougane Pharmaceuticals at THAT moment?  Mika’s characterisation is so messy and mixed up that you can “justify” her behaviour at ANY given moment by saying “oh, she wants to spite Akane”, “oh, she doesn’t trust Akane”, or “she wants to one-up her”.  I don’t see why Mika (who could’ve served the same functions but been portrayed much more sympathetically) has to be so unlikable within the narrative.

And???  Akane’s reaction to her grandma’s death was really weak.  Like… OH NO I AM SO UPSET.  *five seconds later* HELL yeH watch me MAKE DEDUCTIONS and own UR FACE TOUGANE.

And seriously, who the hell turns into a LATENT CRIMINAL when someone (presumably an Inspector or Enforcer, because you have no reason to believe criminals can get their hands on Dominators) points a bloody Dominator at you?

And it’s not just ONE mook, but all these mooks go “Eek!  A dominator!  My PP is above 100!  I am so scared!”

Why should they be afraid?  For all they know they’re just a bunch of Inspectors who took down a latent criminal…?  I don’t get the shrieking.

And it’s so weak that the Bureau doesn’t get any explosives.  Lulz.  They’re sitting ducks.  Basically pod people who point Dominators at people and shoot.

I feel so not-invested in this series at this point, even though it should really be the most exciting moment ever narratively speaking.

Psycho-Pass 2 Ep 09

Well that sucked… at least they had some vague sense of decency.

And I guess it makes sense that they made Mika so… well, you know, putty-like and weak-minded and such an ideal citizen in the first eight episodes.

You poor, useless sod.

You poor, useless sod.

While it’s unfortunate that she didn’t have the fortitude to stand up to Sibyl, this is more in character with how she’s been portrayed in S2.  (I’d say it’s a little inconsistent with S1, but eh…)

I don’t see how she’s going to keep her PP clear for much longer though… because now that Akane’s grandma’s dead, everyone’s going to assume Kuwashima Koichi (aka Dude With Scraggly Douchebag Moustache) killed her when really Tougane was the one who the deed.  That’s one way to darken someone’s Hue.  Mika as (sort of?) an accomplice to murder (though she did manage to keep her Hue clear even when she believed she was responsible for her friend’s death at the hands of Ouryou), and who knows what Akane’s going to do?

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Psycho-Pass 2 Ep 08

Okay, this episode was eludicating for real.  Though it also confirms ‘lololololol Kamui was everyone, SURPRISE!’, which is generally unsatisfying.  I mean, yeah, there were a couple of illegal aliens too (and why the hell would they die for him so willingly?) but, really.  For a big reveal I expect it to be a little more well thought out, you know?  And I imagine brainwashing tactics might work pretty easily on Sibyl Japan citizens since they’re more pliable than Play-doh, but people who have to resort to illegally escaping whichever country they’re in to go to Sibyl Japan of all places must’ve seen some real fucked up shit.  You can’t brainwash these people that easily.

And I don’t know about this ‘watching TV critically’ shit, since I was so unsurprised by the Frankenstein thing (though I didn’t expect them to use all 184 corpses).  It’s kind of overkill, kind of like this amateur artist I remember seeing on a forum once, who boasted s/he used 100 layers in Photoshop to create his/her artwork, and I’m just like… um, okay, good for you???

Yeah Misako, good for you???

I dunno.

And damn, I feel like an idiot now.  I said whoever inhabitated Kasei was a woman, and I knew she had to be connected somehow (like Kouzaburou and Makishima), but I didn’t make the tiny leap from Misako to Kasei until Tougane called her mommy.  D’ohhhhh.

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Psycho-Pass 2 Ep 07

This episode was super elucidating in some respects… while there are still quite a few questions left to be answered, and just plain WTF fridge logic if you think hard enough.

For one, with the ‘big reveal’ that Kamui’s actually been with them throughout their investigations… well, that’s cool and all, but…






This isn’t just assuming someone else’s identity… this is assuming the identity of someone who does not actually exist anymore, and has never existed as an adult.  It’s one thing to assume the identity of an existing psychotherapist, and an entirely different thing to pull said identity out of thin air.  How do you just “happen” to be an Inspector’s tending therapist/psychologist as a one-off thing?  And it’s not even a one-off thing.  It’s inconceivable that Kamui went and got himself employed at the Bureau (or at least, at a company affiliated with the Bureau) to tend to INSPECTORS, and treat Ginoza REPEATEDLY and maintain that cover UNTIL SEASON 2 where he makes that comment about Akane getting enough sleep and not smoking.  Can you imagine them NOT running a PP check on him?  “Oh whoops I guess our machine just malfunctioned and it CAN’T EVEN READ YOUR FUCKING PP.”


This is the most egregious example, but even with the military drone guy — how the FUCK do you infiltrate the group BY BEING SOMEONE NEW ENTIRELY.  Like if you went to work or if you went to school and someone new showed up wouldn’t you fucking know.

It doesn’t even make sense to take the children from THAT accident to age them up.  If you wanted to be anonymous and have no record of them in Sibyl, then sure, okay, fine.  But if you want to blend in, the most effective way is to just kill the guy or gal you want to impersonate who already works at the place you want to be, and then create an elaborate holo of them.  And anything OoC you do you can brush it off with “I’m not feeling well”.  Because who’d the fuck go, “Oh, so and so is acting weird, so therefore SOMEONE MUST’VE KILLED THEM AND TAKEN THEIR PLACE AS AN IMPOSTOR”?

And I guess Kamui isn’t particularly keen on hiding his identity — he IS using his real name and his attending physician Masuzaki Youhei is about to spill the beans on his ~masterplan~ with his blessing, so I suppose I can overlook the stupidity of using the kids from that accident as his cover.

As for Kamui’s “identity” and the inability of Sibyl in recognising him… I think the doctor’s line is very telling:

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Psycho-Pass 2 Ep 06

Well that was an anticlimactic episode.



GAY → → → → → →




… gay



In other, not so gay news, the episode turned out preeeetty much as I expected?  It does raise a very interesting question though — what colour are murderers who do not possess the intention to kill?

Or in real world terms, how culpable are they for the commission of involuntary manslaughter?  It’s a bit different from real-world implications, since in this case they were pretty much deceived into doing it all Ender’s Game style rather than being grossly negligent like leaving a toddler in the backseat of a car on a hot summer day.

I never really considered the role of military personnel in Sibyl Japan, but it is pretty horrifying that you’re basically taking a bunch of gamers and making them killers possibly without their consent.  Because I mean, hungry chicken and all, if you KNEW what you were doing, making it into a video game interface doesn’t make it that much better.  Like you won’t have to see it, but… you KNOW you’re still killing people.

So for all they know, Sibyl could be telling those border patrol personnel that they’re video game testers… …

... eep.

… eep.

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Psycho-Pass 2 Ep 05

There’s so much crap to talk about this episode!  And I’m not even going to start by squeeing over the gay.  Aren’t you all proud of me??

I was screeching STOCKHOLM SYNDROME STOCKHOLM SYNDROME in my mind during the entirety of this scene.  It seems like Kamui can easily turn someone not with Makishima’s hipster charisma but with drugs and shit instead.

He was basically testing Shisui and diagnosing her when he asked if her heart aches over Aoyanagi’s death.  Shisui’s like “I don’t know… but I’m a little sad.”  And Kamui instantly says, “I see you’ve been following your prescribed dosage.”  It somehow calms her down (I feel like Coefficients are a measure of stress — and that’s why criminally asymptomatic people are analogous to psychopaths.  They’re not stressed by doing bad things because they lack the ability to understand morality on a personal level.  They don’t see the things they’re doing as bad).

And when you think about it Stockholm Syndrome does make a lot of sense.  You’re isolated and your only human contact is with your captor… it stands to reason that if your captor offers you kindness (in any form, even if they TAKE YOUR EYE AND IMPLANT IT IN THEIR OWN FACE) then you may grow sympathetic toward their cause.

And this little dipshit NEEDS Shisui alive.  Don't give me that free will bullshit.  If Shisui dies then her eye IN HIS SKULL will no longer authorise his access to Dominators.

And this little dipshit NEEDS Shisui alive. Don’t give me that free will bullshit. If Shisui dies then her eye IN HIS SKULL will no longer authorise his access to Dominators.

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