Person of Interest 4×11

I would’ve had more (angry) feelings about this, but before I talk about anything else I want to address the fact that Sarah had to leave the show because she’s pregnant with twins and Shaw is, obviously, a character not remotely compatible with this state of being.

It’s tough either way, but as Sarah says, it’s a no-brainer for her.  You’ve obviously got your priorities skewed if you think a TV show with a ship you like (probably the most vocal protests will be coming from shippers and not people who watch PoI for PoI) is more important than the safety of two foetuses that the mother wants to keep.

And I highly prefer this to anything else.  We’ve seen what “be careful what you wish for” ends up being like (COUGHWAREHOUSE13COUGH).  I am so down for Shaw exiting the show in a totally Shaw-like way.  And Sarah fought hard for this.  She fought hard to give this to Shaw instead of having her chained to a desk and having Bear keep her company in the subway hideout.

They even talked about working the pregnancy in, and AHAHAHAHAHA, no.  Shaw can barely sit still for two hours.  Nine months?  Hell no.  She’d never get pregnant in the first place (contraceptives if she’s having sex with a guy) but even if she somehow managed to get pregnant, she’d abort safely rather than leave it to the inevitable miscarriage it’d be (because let’s face it, even if you want to argue she’ll be completely OoC and keep the foetus, she’s NOT going to sit still until she’s the size of a whale and is physically incapable of moving quickly).

See, Shaw’s leaving in a graceful way, and the promo for “Control Alt Delete” shows they’re writing it the best way possible — Shaw can stay off the show indefinitely and still come back easily if or when Sarah wants to, assuming PoI is still airing.

Look, it's a foregone conclusion.  They're saying their goodbyes.

Look, it’s a foregone conclusion. They’re saying their goodbyes.

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Person of Interest 4×10

Hm.  The fact that it’s a three-parter makes the episode make more sense since the whole episode was basically just a set-up for what’s to come.

I mean, there was some flirting and some squee-worth Shoot moments, but other than that it was just Samaritan making a point, more or less.  It’s interesting that Samaritan was basically friendly to the idea of meeting TM, but only became hellbent on destroying her after learning that she tried to kill it/him/her in its/his/her infancy.

I love the grey morality that’s going on here (and that’s pretty much been ever-present within the PoI-verse).  Both Samaritan and TM have their points, and while it’s easy to see Samaritan as an “evil” entity that wants to destroy TM, TM is likewise trying to doing the same to Samaritan, even if Samaritan does have the upper hand now.  And I think it does the story a disservice to assume an anthropocentric view and just side with TM just because she’s on our side.

I’d say that at the end of the day I’m still on Team Machine, but I really don’t see how Samaritan’s any worse than whatever alternatives we can come up with in the long run.  Sure, Samaritan doesn’t have human morality, but then, not every human does anyway, and what’s to say that human morality is inherently better than whatever other guidelines that other sentient species (or in this case, beings) may have?  The fact that Samaritan got people in witness protection killed and quickly played judge, jury, and executioner is worrying, though.  But my point is, I don’t trust having humans in charge is any much better.  Like, I would be uneasy with Samaritan in charge, but I’m just as likely to be similarly uneasy with people in charge, even if the latter is a concept that we’re all much more familiar with.

Also, did anyone manage to catch all/most of what the boy said?  I always have such great trouble with children’s enunciation.  Especially since he’s not speaking with a typical child’s diction, it can be hard to tell what he’s saying exactly.  Props to the kid though.  Sounded fairly convincing.  I was just a little confused what Root was doing though, since as we know, with her being TM’s “analogue interface”, she isn’t really an avatar per se?  I just didn’t get how that conversation worked, because I kept forgetting the boy was talking to TM and not to Root.

I also really liked the conversation between Harold, Shaw, and Root.  They’re all working toward the same cause, but they all hold such radically different perspectives.  Shaw’s the pragmatist who looks toward the results and appreciates Samaritan’s effeciency.  Root’s the believer, and Harold’s the sceptic.  We usually get these TM vs. Samaritan conversations between Harold and Root, but I like the added layer by putting Shaw in the conversation as well.    Continue reading

I hate fandumb.

Ugh.  Before I finish my Psycho-Pass 2 episode 8 review, I just want to say I find part of the Shoot fandumb particularly disgusting.

People are speculating Root groped Shaw in the truck and making jokes about it.  Calling Root “Miss Gropes” and saying “she saw an opportunity and took it hahahaha”.  One, I’m pretty sure it didn’t happen, and two, if it did, I would be very upset with the writers and probably only ship my headcanon of Shoot (much like I do with SQ), and three, everyone involved in that post is a disgusting piece of shit that thinks molesting someone is okay.  I don’t care if it’s a fucking joke.  There are things that you shouldn’t joke about — rape jokes, molestation jokes… all these things normalise such heinous behaviour.  I’ve often wondered why I’m okay with inappropriate humour in Cards Against Humanity, but then it occurs to me it’s because it’s explicitly understood that you’re trying to be as offensive as possible.  That is, you’re not normalising those things.  But it also depends on who you play with… sometimes I play with people who I just KNOW mean what they’re saying, and ugh, it makes my enjoyment of it drop hideously.

But back to Root and Shaw.  So that is a line that’s not okay to cross.  Teasing someone and hugging/holding them for longer than necessary to get on their nerves is debatable, and dependent on the relationship between the two.  But since Root and Shaw are on screen together relatively infrequently, it’s hard to say where they’re at exactly, especially considering Shaw’s dumb as fuck and completely non-existent disorder.  I really need to turn my brain off when it comes to their relationship.  Either there’s no adequate explanation of Shaw’s inability to feel anything but extremely “muted” versions of emotions, or she’s a psychopath incapable of feeling love, and anything with Root is necessarily manipulation for her own personal gain.

And I’m loath to make the “Oh if Shaw didn’t like Root touching her she’d just punch her in the face” argument.  It sounds a hell of a lot like “Oh she would’ve fought back if she were really being raped” or “Oh, she should’ve left him if he was really that abusive”.  What someone does or does not do in response to a violation (if it is one) does not make it more or less of one.

But taking this in the context of everything else — how smug and unperturbed Shaw is with Root’s touch after she “wins” the argument and convinces her to bring her to Reese, or how she BIKED ALL THE WAY TO SAVE ROOT’S ASS and insisted it wasn’t for her, and the “There are things I care about here =)”, it’s probably safe to say that Root’s actions (assuming no groping was involved — because I just imagined she held onto Shaw’s upper arms or wrapped her arms around her, but probably the former, given the context of “Pulling Shaw back to hide from the truck drivers’ view”) are not crossing any lines.

It’s important to me that Root, while being dorky, flirtatious, and obnoxiously adorable, does not act like a fucking creep.  I can’t ship it if she does.

Person of Interest 4×09

I feel quite ambivalent about this episode.

Usually I squeal at proceedings that basically bring my shipped characters together alone, but it really felt kind of obvious this time?  And I’m not sure about that on a show such as Person of Interest.

Like, it’s not that kind of show.

I don’t like getting special treatment.

But this episode was really fanservicey in that aspect.

Root coming to Shaw’s rescue on a bike, decked out in leather.

Shaw riding on the back of Root’s bike.

Root pressed up against Shaw unnecessarily long.

“People who care for you.” * meaningful look *

Shaw grabbing Root’s arm and pulling the cutesy look on her to “convince” her to divulge Reese’s location.

Root hOLDING ONTO SHAW’S ARM… because dude, when was the last time you saw Root touch Shaw?  That time when Shaw came in guns ablazing to save Root so they could plant the seven blindspots in Samaritan.  That’s right, a whole season ago.  And still they weren’t that physically close then.

And the sexually charged way Root responded when Shaw gripped her throat after being drugged.

Do you see my problem here?  We get like one or two Shoot moments sporadically sprinkled into episodes.  And now we have… let’s count it, at least SEVEN crammed into one episode.  Basically, at least one every time they cut to Root and Shaw.

And I don’t know how I feel about that, for a number of reasons: Continue reading

Person of Interest 4×08

No Root this episode.  ;w;

But I AM EXCITED (and slightly apprehensive) for the next episode??  Root’s inevitably going to come in and save the day, and oh my god, the promo:

Shaw: I’m not scared.

Root: Other people are.  People who care for you.

It’s like having two tsunderes who refuse to admit they care about each other.

Root’s lines were strangely flat in the promo though… I’d love to see the context around it since, well, it’s obvious Amy can act so that isn’t the issue.

I’d say I’m fairly certain Root will survive the encounter, but Joss did kind of die in episode nine last season, so uh.  Well, no point in dwelling on it though.  It’s been filmed ages ago so it’s a done deal.  Though I think it would’ve become apparent by now on Amy’s Twitter account if she’s not been filming.  Wasn’t there that one floating around tumblr with Sarah and Amy sending each other emoticons over tweets?

And seriously, I cannot stand fandom no matter where I go.  The Carmilla fandom (at least from what’s going on in the tumblr tags) is pre-infantile, and 95% of the Shooters are convinced Root and Shaw had sex at the safehouse… but that makes no fucking sense whatsoever.  I have to say my estimation of your intelligence lowers dramatically if you suggest a) that the Carmilla cast actually knows how to act (they don’t), b) that we should equate Danny with being abusive, c) that Root and Shaw had sex in “Mors Praematura”, or d) that “Swan Queen is endgame” (please, who the fuck are you kidding?).  My brain will melt if I have to see “Viva la Swan Queen” one more time.

Anyway, whatever.  Best to flail and speculate here than anywhere else, really.  Sigh.

P.S.  Reese is a patronising dick.  Calling the IA officer “kid”?  Seriously?  Also, his actor’s voice makes me want to punch his throat and plus do things to him with a gelding knife.  Since I haven’t watched all the PoI episodes I really can’t say definitively, but you really do not need to have any amount of talent if you’re a white guy, do you?  You just say your lines and put forth your `__` face.  Neither male lead is remotely remarkable at acting, and also, that psychiatrist guy from 3×01 and 3×02 was fucking shit at acting.  Poor Amy.  Would’ve made more sense if she acted opposite of a mud brick…

Person of Interest — Root x Shaw


(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

┬─┬ ノ( ゜-゜ノ)

(ノ ゜Д゜)ノ?!!?!??! ︵ ┻━┻

(╯°Д°)╯!?!?!!!!!! ︵ /(.□ . \)

I was wishy washy on the Root x Shaw ship because of Shaw’s desperately inconsistent “condition” which portrays her as alternately either a psychopath, someone with schizoid personality disorder, or is just some sort of naturally distant and stoic woman, or an Americanised version of a kuudere and it just doesn’t make any sense to me at all because psychopaths and people with SPD are literally incapable of forming meaninful and close relationships with others (which makes shipping impossible).  I really hate the romanticised, bastardised crap they do (case in point, Dexter) that makes such characters more “relatable” because it’s complete hogwash from a psychological/medical POV.


My two dorky babies are flirting and ridiculously canon sfaoisdjfiosjfklsjfklsajfkls.

Disclaimer: To all who may be interested in watching the show for Root and Shaw, please be advised the lead male actor is, in real life, one of those creepy anti-abortion conservative Christians and who funded the guy who got his name named after the mixture of… well you can look it up if you want — who funded Rick Santorum’s political campaign, and who also has this really creepy as fuck voice.  Basically the voice I’d expect a paedophile to have if people could look the part (and unfortunately they don’t, which makes it so infuriating and frustrating for real life victims of these heinous crimes).  ANYWAY my point is, ew gross lots of creepy and ugly dudes, but SQUEE F/F SHIP ALL ABOOOOAAAAAARD.  If it helps any, apparently the writer ships it.  Which does tend to bode well (possibly????) for our two lovely DORKY, muderous ladies.