You’re probably here because of my…


I want to scream.

Somehow I got onto the topic of TV series with someone (she brought up Gotham) and of course it led to Root and Shaw eventually (naturally, courtesy of me) and at some point it went to BBC’s Sherlock.  At which I went instantly, “Nope nope nope.  Racist and misogynistic.”

The woman I was talking with is cool, so I knew she could be reasoned with.  She didn’t feel it was either, likely because she couldn’t really remember the episodes very well.  When I talked about the Chinese episode she couldn’t recall it until several minutes of me describing it, and she wasn’t aware that Moffat was both a douchebag and entirely a waste of space.

I also brought up Irene Adler’s character as being gay in canon and then made to fall for Sherlock.  Someone else had come by by this point and he said, “Oh, but it makes it more interesting to make her like a man!”

And I swear to goodness I made the biggest nope face of abject disgust/horror being disguised as feeling mildly put off that I have ever made in my life.   (I don’t believe the guy is aware that I’m a lesbian, but regardless, the general level of stupidity is not something I can comprehend.)

Also, as soon as the words “racist” and “misogynistic” left my mouth, this white guy (entirely separate from ‘but it’s more interesting to make gay women like men’ guy) basically excused himself from the conversation and said he was going to head home.  Am I overreacting?  No, because the conversation strayed a little to something else and he stayed on talking for several minutes more, but as soon as the conversation turned back to, oh, I don’t know SOCIAL INJUSTICES, he was like “See you all later! :D”

And that’s after him saying not five minutes ago that he liked to talk about “philosophy”.

Oh gee, I guess thinking about stuff that a bunch of dead white men said is infinitely more interesting and relevant than the bullshit that we have to deal w — oh, excuse me, I guess YOU don’t have to deal with it so it doesn’t exist.

Also, societal expectations of how gross men can be is disgusting.  I had to shake hands with a white guy whose nails were caked with filth/dirt.  I mean, seriously?  I don’t care WHAT you do… gardening?  Landcaping?  Construction work?  It took me five seconds to look up a video on how to clean your hands thoroughly* (and plus I HIGHLY doubt he does any of that, because there weren’t any calluses when I shook his hand).

*Let’s also set aside for one very small moment that the guy in the video says sexist bullshit.

WIOAFJSOIJFSLKJSDKFJSLKJFJKSJLFDJSDKLFJ.  Is there a desk around somewhere where I can ram my forehead against repeatedly to forget for a moment that people are idiots.

In case anyone’s wondering WHY I subject myself to this, it’s because I like playing board games.  I played Galaxy Trucker, DC Comics Deck-Building Game, The Resistance, and Coup today.  Not really my genre (neither into sci fi nor comics particularly) but the games were pretty alright.  Some I’ve played before (GT and Resistance), and others I have not.

Galaxy Trucker:

There are 2 – 4 players (more with the expansion), but basically you build spaceships within a certain time limit and face the event cards and see if your ship can stand up to the things that the event cards throw at it.  The little tokens and pieces are the cutest things ever.

DC Comics Deck-Building Game:

Sort of fun, but as you can see, the Smurfette Principle is in full force.  I was also bummed out that I didn’t manage to get Wonder Woman into my deck or even any of her equipment.  Unfortunately since I was the world’s biggest Gary Stu (i.e. Batman), there were certain cards particularly useful for me — particularly, equipment (instead of super powers) since, you know, that’s all Bruce Wayne uses canonically.  I had a couple of super power cards but there were no bonuses to it for me.

The Resistance:

A deductive game involving an informed minority (i.e. spies, and they’re aware of each other’s identities, and make up approximately a third of the players) and an uninformed majority that try to root said spies out.

I kind of like it because I get to point at people and say “YOU’RE A SPY!!!!” if I’m one of the “good guys”, and I get to lie to people’s faces when I’m one of the “baddies” (it’s really fun making someone trust me when I’m actually a spy).

And this may be the best game of Resistance ever, even if Scags is really bad at it:

Ashley had the logic down pat, and I don’t know if Wheaton sucks at Resistance or if he was just trying to be a “good host” and including Felicia in the game.  Because it’s really easy to tell who’s the spy and who’s not with just five people playing.  You can more or less safely assume that spies will try and avoid taking another spy on the mission (unless it’s a ‘two fails required’ one) because you can’t communicate WHO’s going to fail the mission… and outing both your spies is terrible.  So we know there’s one spy in the AAA group (Allison, Ashley, and Amy), and Wheaton KNOWS he’s part of the Resistance, which makes Felicia the spy.  But he probably just sucks at the game because he wanted to take both Scags and Felicia on the final mission.  Also he is gross and a huge sore loser (which is especially evident in the Lords of the Waterdeep episode).


The game’s produced by the same company that made Resistance, and Coup’s set in the same universe as Resistance.  It’s like Love Letter if you’ve played that before.

Basically both games are a more complex version of rock, paper, scissors, where each role or card has a positive but also a negative associated with it.  It’s quite fun, really.  Coup also has an element of bluffing to it, and I love bluffing games.  :D

Incidentally, on how I did today:

In Galaxy Trucker, I came in last because I stood in for someone in the last round (there were three rounds total) and didn’t do well enough to make a comeback.  I won the DC Comics Deck-Building Game by a few points.  I was lucky enough to get quite a bit of equipment.  And for The Resistance, the game was actually not too fun this time since it was obvious we managed to snag four resistance members and victory was easily claimed.  =P  I was on the side of righteousness and we prevailed.  (I was a little disappointed when I first got my card, since I love being the spy).  Coup was very fun, and I basically killed myself really quickly the first time, but I won my second game.  :D

Black Friday and Laser Tag

I may have gone for laser tag on Black Friday and used the codename Root for my games because I’m a dork like that.  And who doesn’t want to go into God Mode or have Amy Acker as a conversation starter?

Though for people I wasn’t particularly keen on talking with, I did just leave it at “Oh, it’s a character from a show” when asked for my codename choice.

I did okay-ish.  I ranked in the 66th percentile for the free-for-all game, and partially it was due to the fact that the rules stated no kneeling, and so I didn’t really kneel behind things to avoid getting shot at while others did.

In the second game it was a team format (red vs. blue) and I did a bit better… I decided halfway through the game, “Screw it, everyone else is ducking and kneeling!” And so I was in the 87th percentile for that one.

I liked the free-for-all one especially… running around like a trigger-happy headless chicken is my very definition of fun.  :D  My scores reflected that as well — I had a pretty fair distribution of scores and tagged almost everyone a couple of times.  The two people who camped out at one spot and shot at others actually ended up scoring the highest since there were a lot of people to shoot at in the place, but I imagine that tactic wouldn’t work nearly as well if it weren’t running at full capacity with the number of participants.  (Case in point, the two “campers” ended up getting a huge reduction in their score (like a 60% reduction) when they were playing in the team format.

Also, I may’ve had a nice Black Friday haul through online shopping.  <3  I’m waiting on receiving them (I’ll probably get them sometime next week).  I bought like, a shitload of things under $100 total.  I might show my haul if I’m especially pleased with it.  Sometimes I’m like, “Arwyn, this is your personal blog… start making posts to that effect sometime!”


Seriously why did no one tell me about this?

She looks like a really cool MMORPG character??



I hate Whedon’s stuff, but????

Okay I need a moment.

Amy Acker.


Plus, her acting!  I love her physicality as Illyria.  It’s just… you can see that the human body is completely foreign to her.  But I’ve braved enough man pain and pointless dumb as fuck angst so I guess that’ll be it for Illyria for me.  :D

Things I wanted but didn’t know it:





I feel conflicted though.  Like, on the one hand, looks-wise, I’d be totally down for doing the horizontal tango with her character, and on the other EW NO IT’S A DUDE!! GET THE FUCKING HELL AWAY FROM ME.  If that wasn’t bad enough it’s a gross sexist dude too, so like, infinity nope.

So basically, what I want is for Amy to play a villain and just randomly wear a suit like “No biggie I just look DESPERATELY HOT AND SEXY IN THIS”.  You feel me?

Like you know that lesbian tumblr fantasy with Natalie Dormer playing James Bond and like Lucy Liu being in it too like maybe a villain or Bond girl I dunno or something?  AMY NEEDS TO BE IN IT TOO.


In case it wasn’t clear I kind of have a teensy crush on Amy Acker…  sigh, women who can act are my eternal weakness*.  Shoutout to Lana as well.

Also, Amy speaking in French.  Srsly.

*She was a little weak her with “masculine” mannerisms but she’s delightful as Root??

It’s official…

My gayness has finally reached critical mass.

I may or may not have purchased these three products in the last two days.

I'm not kidding.

I’m not kidding.  I wish I were.  But I’m not.

I swear I’m not trying to be this gay.  Okay, maybe the fake flannel (it’s plaid, yeah) was intentional, but that’s about it.

Those dumbbells are called Powerblocks and they’re super snazzy adjustable ones!  I took them home and tried them out today.  They confirm what I’ve known all along — that my arms are basically limp noodles.  :D

Actual footage of me using dumbbells.

Actual footage of me using dumbbells.

And THERE WAS A FALL SALE FOR THE CLOTHES, okay?  ;w;  Everything was 50% off.  I had to rip the fake flannel away from all those hipsters and lesbians before I could get my hands on it.  Well, I had to do it virtually, since it was online shopping, BUT STILL.  I am proud of myself.  I managed to snag the last shirt AFTER it said it was sold out.

And thankfully there are no stereotypes associated with lesbians that involve baking and cooking (unless there are… * suspicious…* ) so SUCK ON THAT, BAKING IS ONE OF MY FEW HOBBIES ENTIRELY UNRELATED TO FANGIRLING.  I make a mean pumpkin pie from scratch is all I can say.

I may update if I feel like it when I get my shirt and vest in the mail.  Taking a photograph of my dumbbells alone and sharing it with the Internet is a level of pretentious douchebagginess I am not yet ready (hopefully never) to embrace.

K-pop Mystery Solved

For the longest time I couldn’t understand why I always had such a negative visceral reaction to K-pop stars.  It’s like no matter what I did I couldn’t even begin to understand its appeal to others.  I’m not particularly into J-pop either, but K-pop has always had a special, shitty place in my heart that I couldn’t quite place my finger on or explain away adequately, until now.

Look at these Korean beauty pageant contestants and tell me they’re not all pretty much clones of one another, courtesy of… dun dun dun, plastic surgery!


I have a shockingly low threshold before the uncanny valley kicks in for me, and these women all look really fucking creepy to me.  In case they do not look creepy to you, consider the following two cases:



Yes, she was pretty before and the fucking terrifying humanoid thing is the ‘after’ picture.


These two real actual people who look like, I dunno, creepy high-end inflatable sex dolls:

Those Korean women pretty much elicit the same reaction from me as this real-life Barbie and Ken pair do, so yeah.

Holy fucking shit in a basket, I’m freaking myself out now.

I cope by like, never looking at their faces in MVs and shit.  This works out for me because there is a certain K-pop group whose legs I think are heavenly, but their faces are still terrifying as fuck, though.

I am pleased that this mystery has been solved.