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I originally created this blog to host the behind-the-scenes stuff, comments, and random research notes for my story, “Falter“, over at Fanfiction.net.  (Fandom: Saki; Pairing: Hisa x Mihoko)

Since then it’s evolved somewhat — firstly, I suppose, into a major Itou Shizuka fangirling sort of thing, and then into a general “personal blog about miscellaneous crap I like”.  Of course, I’ve also discontinued the original story, started a remake for it over a year ago, kind of haven’t touched it since, and I’ve also gotten into (solo) translation.

My first (and clumsy) attempt at working with doujin was rewriting an atrocious translation into readable, standard English.  (It was a Strawberry Panic! doujin with my OTP for that fandom — can you guess who they’d be? :D)  My first real attempt at actual translation was with Hakka-ya, though that was more of a joint effort.

You could say I eventually outgrew that, and now I prefer solo translation efforts, since I’m kind of like Ikuhara Kunihiko in a need for exercising creative control.  Mostly, I think, I’m at odds with translations taken with a literalist approach — if that worked or was even desirable, we’d all use Google Translate and be done with it. Honestly.

General (anime):

I got into anime around 2005 or 2006, but it feels like it’s been much longer than that.  I watched Sailor Moon, Pokemon, and Cardcaptor Sakura like anyone else (couldn’t get into Yu-gi-oh!), but I don’t consider those my real foray into anime because of a) dubs and b) unsightly bowdlerisation.

As such, my first ‘true’ series is Mai-HiME.  The initial appeal of anime for me was the idea that (gasp!) people wrote and animated series with yuri.  I loved Natsuki.  I loved Shizuru.  (I still have a huge soft spot for both of them.  I love Chiba Saeko and Shindou Naomi.  :D)

Yuri anime, I found, was much more palatable than trying to find remotely original novels about two women in love.  Mind, yuri anime has its own set of clichés and misgivings (cough, fanservice, cough), but I like it all the same.  My three major considerations for watching anime is a) good seiyuu cast, b) yuri content, and c) good writing.  You can probably get me to watch any series that has any one of the above, and it’s practically guaranteed I’ll watch it if you can give me any of the two.  I would say having all three at once is a bit like the Holy Grail of anime… and I would’ve also said that you really shouldn’t hold your breath, that is, until Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica came out.  :D  (Watch it!  I demand that you do.)


I learnt Japanese for about three years formally, and the rest of my knowledge is from watching anime, reading the occasional doujinshi/manga raw, or reading visual novels that I never finish because of my short attention span.  This results in my odd ability to understand most parts of anime, drama CDs, doujinshi, manga, and VNs reasonably well while I’m completely useless with Japanese in Japan.  It’s… really embarrassing.

The last few years I’ve been reading less anime fanfiction, gravitating toward other fandoms instead.  It’s a lot easier to find well-written stuff when the writers are generally older.  I prefer fanfiction of epic proportions (i.e. long, long works several hundred pages long, preferably with sequels… Xena the Conqueror fanfiction, I’m looking at you.).  I generally dislike reading drabbles, ficlets, etc. in general, but I’ve been known to like a rare few.  I like vignettes and one-shots of reasonable length, though.  I’m open to various pairings, as long as it’s well-written.


9 thoughts on “About

  1. I would be interested in promoting your yuri-centric and yuri-fiction centric commentary on my blog as it becomes available. While I don’t think I will completely support the Saki fiction fandom like I do Maria-sama or K-ON!!, I would still like to share your recent fiction updates with the community. Would some sort of arrangement be permissible? Maybe send me an email~!
    Thank you,

  2. Xena the Conqueror fanfiction… links or story titles? I haven’t read any good ones in ages (and I swear I’m missing some well written ones).

    • Well, this is like a classic amongst online fanfiction circles, but… have you read LJ Maas‘ Conqueror (and non-Conqueror) stuff? It was the first thing that came to mind. (Sadly, she passed away with a stroke years ago. =\ RIP.)

      I’d recommend more, but it’s been awhile since I’ve read really good Conqueror stuff. Most people seem to be into writing Uber nowadays…

      Note that it’s been years since I’ve read some of these, so it’s possible that my tastes and standards have changed since then. But at the very least, I thought they were great at the time of reading.

  3. Happy New Year Arwyn! :D
    I wanted to ask whether you watched the anime ‘Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de Aru’ or in short ‘Yuyuyu’. If you haven’t watched it I would recommend it to you, it’s a magical girls anime. I first thought it’s just some cute anime with girls beating some enemies, but it turned out to be rather unexpected and different than what I imagined. I don’t want to spoiler so I better not say anything anymore, if you have time to watch it, please try it.

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