[Hakka-ya] Strawberry Glaze

Strawberry Glaze

Gosh, my last release was November 2013.  D:  If anyone gets their hands on more Hakka-ya raws lemme know.  Make sure they’re actually raws and not Chinese scanlations though.

Strawberry Glaze features the usual Bucap cuteness… with cameos from Kana, Nodoka, Yumi, Kanbara Wahaha, and others.  And are there untranslated doujin (whether by Hakka-ya or not) that feature Kana’s unrequited love for Mihoko?  I wouldn’t mind taking a peek at (and possibly translating) those.

Or heck, if there’s some super cute/cool (non-sexual, or at least, sex should not be the focus of the doujin) yuri doujin/manga you want translated, send them my way and I’ll take a look.  (No promises.)

Hint: If it involves “Iya… dame…”, “Kimochi ii…”, or “Kanjichau…!” cliches, giant boobs, OoC, or any men, it’s not my cup of tea.  What it should have is originality, good art, and an interesting storyline/lots of fluffiness.  I’ll obviously be more interested if you share something from a fandom that I’ve already mentioned on the blog, but it’s not a prereq.


The last thing I’d expect was for the Summer Volume to make me watch a clip from The Dark Knight Rises and hear that ridiculous, grating raspy voice and the surreal levels of Gary Stu idiocy being shoved in my face, but what can you do?

The Summer Volume/Natsu-hen is quite similar to the Spring one in terms of its mechanics, but I have to say that Erika is a much more engaging protagonist than Suou was.  We’re now privy to Erika’s thoughts, and it’s fun seeing her referring to certain people disparagingly in her mind.

The Summer Volume tries its very best to avoid spoilers for the mini mysteries in the Spring Volume, but inevitably, they kinda had to mention the protagonist’s name.  But other than that, Erika references past deduction games vaguely without giving anything away.  Still, since it’s a direct sequel and picks up pretty much right after the end of the Spring Volume, it’s recommended that you play through that first, Even if I personally found the Spring Volume ridiculous and completely infuriating.

So we’re thrust in the thick of things as Erika watches Chidori (a professional singer and actor) perform the ballet version of The Sleeping Beauty on stage in the principal role of Aurora.  Erika’s overcome with affection and admiration toward Chidori and the passion she conveys on stage.  But at the same time, envy and frustration well up inside her as she considers her own inability to walk, much less dance.

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