[Innocent Grey] FLOWERS -Le volume sur été- (Preview)

Forewarning: I know I’ll ragequit this VN at some point (again), but nevertheless, here I am.  It’s a smart tactic they’re going with.  Making me wait a year so the absolute hatred I had for the spring volume subsides majorly.  Also, spoilers abound.  So continue at your own peril.

So the second installment of Flowers (Summer Volume) is coming out on April 17th.  And I’m getting sucked in again because a) the artwork is still ridiculously gorgeous, and b) Erika is starring in this volume as the protagonist (?!?!?!).

If you recall, Erika and Yuzuriha are my absolute favourites from the Spring Volume (the less that is said about Rikka and Mayuri the better) and I’m not going to pass up Erika or Sakura Ayane’s sass and snark.

Interestingly, it seems like the volumes retain continuity.  Because Mayuri isn’t in the summer volume!  Whoohoo!  \o/

Click to see on official site.

Click to see on official site.

And if you’ll notice, the game retains the same number of characters.  Mayuri is replaced by the new transfer student Takasaki Chidori.  Chidori is an interesting character in the sense she doesn’t really fit any archetype that I know of.  She’s a singer and an actor, but a little standoffish, and doesn’t wear her heart on her sleeve.  She has a bit of a poker face going on.  And she’s kind of tactless and basically just says whatever comes to mind, so she causes friction pretty often.  And she ends up being Erika’s Amitié, which I think is absolutely hilarious.  I’m already shipping them.  Unless Erika gets to have a route with Yuzuriha (I’m pretty sure she’ll star in Autumn or Winter instead), I’m going to check out Chidori’s route first.  They both get on each other’s nerves (in the good, sink-your-teeth-into-a-really-good-ship sort of way).  It’s great.  Check out this audio file if you know Japanese.

(As an FYI, this post is based on what I could glean from the official site and from this post.)

So the Summer Volume starts off with Suou with her heart broken by Mayuri’s unexplained departure from the school at the end of the Spring Volume.  Suou acts like it’s not bothering her, but Erika knows it does.  And because she’s basically a fuzzy teddy bear underneath her prickliness, she aches seeing her friend Suou that way.  She wants to cheer her up somehow, but before she knows it, early summer is rolling around, and they get a transfer student at their school…

Erika and Chidori have a chance encounter that leaves a sour first impression for both parties, and it culminates with Chidori calling Erika a coward.  (I can’t imagine that going over well.)  But of course, as the days go on, the two draw closer to one another (despite — or because of! — all their bickering).

You can also expect more of the same from the Summer Volume… in the sense that there will be probably highly unsatisfying yuri and more of those deductive mini games.

And holy shit, the OP.  It’s really gay and fluffy and amazing.  I really, really, really want to like this volume.  Watch it, you won’t regret it!

They’re really not pulling any punches with the OP.  I think it’s an interesting dynamic in seeing how these two hugely different people reconcile with one another’s world views and find common ground with one another.  And Japan, being not exactly the most inclusive place ever, telling a love story between two girls, where one has an overt physical disability?  Hell, I’ve never even seen anything remotely like that in Western media.  The closest is probably Root’s stapedectomy from PoI, and that’s not even a remotely overt disability.

Anyway, the post I linked above details the story from the prologue to the end of the first chapter.  (If I’m not mistaken, the blogger was given early access, since a trial version for the Summer Volume is not available on the official site as far as I can tell.)  I’m not going to read it since the game’s going to come out in a couple of days anyway, and I rather actually play it than read someone else’s synopsis.  So I hope this mini preview whets your appetite somewhat.  I mean, Suou’s nice and all, but I am 110% for this volume centering on Erika.

And how can you NOT ship Erika and Chidori?  I mean, come on:

If you have trouble telling Suou and Chidori apart, you’re not the only one.  Their bangs are a little different, and Chidori’s got this ‘lighter, vaguely greenish-grey’ hair going on for her, while Suou has darker hair.  But I am seriously, seriously loving this.  Chidori’s seiyuu sounds pretty decent too.  I don’t really know Suzaki Aya though… this is like.. the first I’ve heard of her.  Pleasant surprises all around.  Please just give me a decent yuri story with minimal WTF and lots of Yuzuriha.  Plz plz plz.

One thought on “[Innocent Grey] FLOWERS -Le volume sur été- (Preview)

  1. -i wasn’t sure what i was reading on the main website b/c i’m still learning japanese (4 years studying on and off) but reading ur post has made things very clear, so tyvm. i’ve been preparing myself for this 2nd visual novel of flowers for the past month by completing another VN & learning hell load of words. i mean, i’ve only managed to complete 2 untranslated VNs, which is definitely not enough experience to be able to read a VN in one day. (i saw a post on this site that sum1 completed this game in 7-8 hours. that’s crazy man lol). so it’ll probably take me like 3-4 weeks to clear but i don’t mind at all seeing how the 1st game won me over. these next 3-4 weeks will truly be heaven.

    -meh, i was a big mayuri fan. i really loved her personality, so the 1st game ended so bitter sweet for me. i just love bitter sweet stuff cuz i get tired of seeing happy endings all the time. i mean, making suoh go depressed by taking away mayuri at the end? perfect… just perfect. but who knows what’ll happen… mayuri might even magically pop up in the 4th game.

    -i’m very interested in erika being the lead now cuz she’s someone who seems to hate ppl and for her to fall for someone is so strange yet exciting. chidori seems very diligent & cold, which makes erika x chidori a bizarre combo (in a good way). i recognize both their voices from watching anime, so it’ll feel somewhat familiar. i just wish the main site didn’t reveal so much detail, like the photos & the OP song where erika x chidori about to kiss. When they make it this obvious, it seems like it’ll end bitter just like the 1st one.

    -i will definitely keep myself away from ur posts for about a month from now to avoid spoilers. if u end up really liking this game, could u post summaries for each chapter for the ppl who are still learning japanese? xD. ur like the only person who posts untranslated yuri stuff. i literally have to take notes for each ch & each scene when reading untranslated VNs to make sure i know what’s going on. well, i’m looking foward to what u think of the 2nd game after u finish it.

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