The Legend of Korra

Anyone else watch LoK?

I watched a couple of episodes from the first season awhile back when Korrasami surfaced, but it was really heteronormative so I dropped it… then tumblr exploded in response to the LoK finale, so I went back and watched the later episodes.

The creators have come out and confirmed that Korrasami is a thing, and while they were definitely hints toward them feeling deeply toward one another, I dunno, I just didn’t think it was really that shippable?  Like I’m not squeeing, and it doesn’t take much for me to squee.

I dunno.  I feel like I should be excited, and in a way I am, but I’m also not?  Everyone’s like YAY QUEER REPRESENTATION, and I’m just like… kids ain’t gonna catch that.  It’s plenty obvious if you’re at least in your teens, but…?  I dunno.  It was really nice that the Avatar franchise ended on that note though.  I just wish it were more shippable.  It’s kind of like Cophine… it just doesn’t do it for me.

It’s refreshing to see someone like Korra as the protagonist, though.  I grinned when Mako’s (frail) grandma pointed out Korra was muscular, and her reply was a confused, genuine, “Um… thanks?  You too?”  I found her insufferable in the first season, much like how annoying Harry Potter was in the fourth (?) book when he was being all, you know, emo and angry.  Only Korra was impulsive and stupid.  It was nice seeing her grow into a compassionate and caring woman, worthy of being the Avatar.

I also really liked to coherency of seasons three and four… it’s obivous the two “books” were planned together.  Kuvira’s by far my favourite villain.  You see her progression and shifting allegiance as her goals and focus shifted.  She kind of went all dictatory in the end with concentration camps and coercion and whatnot, but her intentions were good to start.  That’s my favourite sort of villain.  You’ve got your anti-heroes, but I love me some anti-villains!