Psycho-Pass 2 Ep 11

Hehe, I was so unexcited for the finale that I actually forgot to watch the last episode.  :D

Wow, the weird bullshitty stuff is back in full force.  It was like a Throwback Thursday to Season 1’s bullshit.  Ugh.

And Tougane basically just has an Oedipus complex.  What’s that with keeping his mother “pure” though?  She’s CA.  So like…?  That makes about as much sense as “I’m going to keep charcoal black!!” or “I’LL MAKE SURE WATER STAYS WET”?  A+. You get a gold star, Tougane.

And Tougane’s seiyuu is really, really crap at emotional scenes.  He sounds constipated.  But yay!  Hidaka Noriko.  <3  She should be the voice for all public announcements everywhere.

Does anyone really get what happened in this episode?  Because it seemed like a whole lot of hand waving to me.  I get it as far as “judging a group of people collectively and seeing what their PP is” in order to “see” and to “judge” Kamui, as well as how that’s analogous to Sibyl as a collective, even if it retcons on what PP is based on (yes, because having someone else’s spleen is going to affect your PP so much amirite?  And that would make Sibyl’s PP an “inaccurate” reading too, since they’re all just brains).  The fact that Kamui can be recognised is a little iffy (basically this means if you point a Dominator at a corpse now, you can also judge it???) but okay, let’s go with it.  But why could Tougane Misako be judged?

The WHOLE POINT is that she’s CRIMINALLY ASYMPTOMATIC.  Whether she’s judged individually or as a whole does not alter that fact.  Like okay, I get that where they’re going with it is “Oh but even though everyone’s CA, when Sibyl is judged collectively its PP could be above 300, which it is.”  But how do you murder “innocent” (i.e. clear PP) individuals that collectively read 300+?  It would only make sense if you could either a) massacre everyone involved or b) isolate the ones that contribute to this rating.  Kamui’s pointing the Dominator at Misako, not at Sibyl the entity.  Why does it read that high?  Sibyl did this sort of Internal Affairs hoolah and black smogged offending brains, but?

And how is it even possible for Sibyl to isolate the few “bad apples” that make its collective PP go over 300?  They’re all psychopaths.  They’re all creepy little shits that would put Makishima to shame.

And the sequence they did with Kamui and Akane walking toward Sibyl was so hipster and pretentious that I wasn’t sure what to do with myself.

Wow this is so *edgy* and *cool*.

Is it not embarrassing as a professional writer to write that drivel?  I think it is.

And cool beans, does this mean they’re saying Tougane’s PP shot up because he killed — tried to, anyway — mommy dearest?

That also doesn’t make sense.  Hello, criminally asymptomatic.  For that matter, as I’ve said earlier, he shouldn’t even form an attachment with Misako in the first place.  But okay, whatever.

I am so disappointed with Mika.  Truly.  She was my little gay Inspector with a big ol’ crush on Yayoi.  She’s just so depressingly DULLARD DRONEY with a sinister twist.  She sank the Yayoi and Mika ship eons before Yayoi ever said she’d never forgive the person who leaked the information to Tougane.  She’s not worthy of Yayoi’s head-patting affections.  You can see from the extended S1 that Yayoi’s impossibly smart and perceptive, especially for someone who grew up with the Sibyl propaganda brainwashing.  It’s like comparing a unicellular organism to a multicellular organism capable of sexual reproduction.  There’s no contest here.

All the lesbians/queer characters survive to see another day this season as well though.  Mika’s setting herself up to be killed in the movie or something, if she’s in it.  I mean, while Mika wasn’t technically complicit in the act, it IS partially her fault that grandma died.  And while Mika can deal with anyone else’s disapproval (she barely tolerates Akane, she thinks Enforcers are scum, any disapproval from people outside the profession can easily be written off as ‘they don’t understand /emo’ given the secrecy of the job) but she can’t deal with Yayoi‘s disapproval.  Mika’s doing this creepy weird ‘let’s distance myself from this thing’ and blatant denial.  As Tougane so aptly puts it, Mika’s the new Sibyl slave.

Addendum: But if you think about it, Mika was prepared to kill Tougane when she didn’t even know the outcome of the confrontation between Kamui vs. Sibyl.  It was clear that Tougane lost the upper hand with his lost arm, but… still it required a bit of a gamble.

Ooh, this was really swell though:

Truly, Frankenstein’s monster.  A walking mishmash cadaver.

Then they had to ruin it with this:

Don’t you cringe at how stupid it is.  It sounds like a twelve-year-old directed this, because it looks as train-wrecky as some snippets of My Immortal seem, but without the entertainment value of the latter.

Also, props to Hinakawa for being fucking useless.  No shit Shisui’s alive.

You do remember what happens to people after being hit by Dominator if it’s a fatal shot, right?

And I was still holding out some hope for Mika at this point, if you must know:

But nope.

Also, it seems like Mika’s crush on Yayoi was inserted there just as a thing, which is kind of nice.  It served no real purpose narratively, other than painting Mika as potentially not-completely-flat as a character.  It’s actually quite disappointing that her past with Ouryou’s never brought up within the course of S2.  If a flashback or a scene showed that this event stayed with her (like duh) then that would really ground her as a character.  It wouldn’t require much.  Just a crime scene that reminded her of Ouryou or something.  Or seeing her flinch a little at certain literature… like oh I dunno how about TITUS ANDRONICUS?

As it stands, Mika is basically a randomly introduced completely new character.  Does she even have any resemblance to Mika of S1 beyond the superficial?  I feel like they’re entirely different characters.  How do you get from Point A to Point B in this way?  That’s definitely not how I would’ve written MIka if it were me.  Lesbian soap opera biases aside.

And what about Kamui’s mumbo jumbo after Sibyl returns itself to a PP of zero?  Though I think I might get it.  He’s saying the person holding the Dominator and doing the judging is part of what’s being measured, since the person holding the Dominator is “carrying out” the collective’s will.  Akane’s refusal to shoot Tougane and Kamui is a bit weird though, and it’s also weirder (i.e. completely arbitrary) how Kamui just misses Tougane so wildly at point-blank range and only takes his arm.  And I’m annoyed that Kamui got such a “pretty” death.  Even Aoyanagi got the goopy swelling bubbly flesh treatment…

And what exactly did Tougane have in mind when Misako told him about SIbyl?  He ran away shrieking when he saw the floaty brain.  For a guy who murdered puppies for fun, he’s surprisingly unstable when he sees floaty brains.  Like, dude, you murdered your mom and she still somehow survived, but what did you fucking expect, she’s in a fucking android.  (Also, I wonder when Misako decided to let Tougane know she was still alive?  Because Tougane was in that correctional facility from the age of ten for about a decade…)

But whatever, who cares about Tougane.  Look at this!

I am not okay with how gorgeous Yayoi is.

I am almost tempted to say this eye candy was worth it.  If only because I didn’t expect anything from the finale going in.  :D

And then they ended it with more mumbo jumbo from Kasei and Akane.  And does anyone remember if they actually put Kouzaburou’s brain in the Kasei drone or if they just “download” him into the drone with the wires to the neck?  Because I’m a little confused as to whether Misako’s still alive.  Tougane kind of freaked out when he saw the shattered Kasei drone, but that’s just him, I suppose.

Because I remember Kasei’s face being blown off in S1, but Kouzaburou’s still the one talking to Makishima in the plane when he tries to convince him to become one of them.  But I guess it doesn’t really matter.  We’re free from being frustrated by the shitty lack of logic on this show once and for all.  \o/  :D

There is still the movie, but I care so little about movies that it’s unlikely I’ll bother to watch it anytime soon.  Especially since how sucky the story is whether with twenty something or eleven episodes, I really don’t think they’d get it right under two hours.  You know what I mean?

And as for my general impression of the ending… it was all very… ‘and they walked off into the sunset’, plus with a bit extra gore involved.  Even S1’s finale was more exciting as I recall.  The confrontation between Kamui and Sibyl was so anticlimactic.  It’s like Sibyl goes “Oh, you got me!  No wait, haha, no you don’t.”  I don’t even get why Sibyl bothered to take Akane up on her suggestion, since SIbyl DID kill Korean dude and Kagari in cold blood.  They’re not very big on perfection or whatever, but on self-preservation.  They totally calculated it and had pre-knowledge of what the outcome would be.  Figured they’d come out on top, and then went ahead with measuring groups as a collective.  I don’t think they really were considering the ramifications of how potentially disastrous it’d be to measure groups as a whole.  (Like… ever heard of group mentality?  Or angry mobs?  They’d be all fucking massacred.  Akane talks a pretty talk with her optimism, but human nature is ugly, and I don’t know how they’re going to fix what they just fucked up JUST to kill one guy.)

But I’d still like to thank everyone who’s made blogging about PP alternatively enjoyable and bearable even if I whine about its shitty hipster stuff every week.  Discussions and convoluted theories were all fun, and I only wish Mika wasn’t the “sexy villain” from the OP, but I guess she clearly is, now.  Even if she’s low on the sexy and high on the BURNING DISAPPOINTMENT.

If there’s any other series or TV show (anime, English-speaking, whatever, I really don’t care) that you’d like to discuss and think I’d enjoy (please, nothing that would make a feminist seethe, so basically all of East Asian live dramas, 99.99% of anime, and 98% of English-speaking series are out), feel free to give me recs.  :D  It’ll be fun to discuss plot points, plot holes, and start fanwank theories together.

Whether you commented or not, thanks for sticking with me the last eleven weeks!


5 thoughts on “Psycho-Pass 2 Ep 11

    • Wow, that was really cute!

      I’ve learnt two things: f/f romance trumps my aversion to sci fi, and god, I hate that I’m fully conditioned to expect bad endings to queer characters. But thankfully that did not happen.

      Also very snazzy that it transcends language barriers.

  1. Hey, thanks for blogging about PP again despite how uh… well… being excited about this anime sailed at like episode 3 for me.. It doesn’t sound like something I’d be inclined to finish but reading the posts on each episode every week was definitely amusing every week. So thanks for writing about them, they made my day every time I read them.

    • I think I just kept holding out for a lesbian soap opera or at least a Shion backstory. PP2 does have its “merits” in terms of having non-moe female characters in prominent roles (when was the last time you had a female protagonist in a seinen series?), which is pretty much impossible to find in anime usually.

      Glad you enjoyed the posts… even if it was just me raving and ranting 90% of the time. =P

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