I’ve been waiting to see Shinobu and hear Nakamichi Mihoko again for over a year!

I can’t even begin to describe how classy Nakamichi’s voice is, or how refined her Kyoto-ben is.


What sort of history does she have with Arata?  Doesn’t this mean she knew him shortly after he had to move back Fukui since the Arata she ‘sees’ is about the same age as when he introduced Chihaya to karuta?  And she calls him by his first name — so that reinforces the childhood connection thing.  Especially since he quit playing karuta after his gramps passed away.

Why is Chihaya so darn loveable?

Why is Seto Asami so amazing at singing?


So many questions, and so few answers…

And it sucks when a seiyuu you really like has only one named role to her name (this one)… and her agency is so pitiful that it doesn’t even have a friggin’ voice sample.  PLEASE GET MORE ROLES, NAKAMICHI.  Isn’t her voice graceful and refined?

And continue doing your best, Seto!  I love how she brings Chihaya to life as the resident (karut)asexual tomboy trapped in a model’s body.  :D

So pretty it almost hurts.

So pretty it almost hurts.

Hisakawa Aya makes hilarious cat cougar in heat voices as well.  (She plays Kana-chan’s mom.)

12 thoughts on “WAKAMIYA

  1. are you still watching chihayafuru? the latest episodes have been underwhelming. but i am happy that we will get to see more of shinobu-chan and arata in the next few episodes. i think so anyway.

    • Oh, definitely. It’s actually the only show that I’m still currently following week by week. The latest episodes have been high on ‘dragging things out’ and ‘recycling sequences’ instead of actual progress and development. And kind of very het, but that only bugs me, I suppose. I’m glad to see more of Shinobu-chan too — she and Chihaya are my absolute favourites.

      • hah! we all have something that bugs us. perfectly valid. and definitely chihaya and shinobu-chan are both awesome. it would be hard to lack for chihaya in an episode though. oh man, what with much of the tediousness lately, if we lacked chihaya too, it would be depressing.

  2. hey! sorry have not visited for a while. i am sure you have heard. but live-action adaptation of chihayafuru is coming soon. hirose suzu, who is the youngest sister in umimachi diary, plays chihaya. matsuoka mayu plays the queen.

      • Both Chihaya and Wakamiya are really cute! But unfortunately it seems like there’s even less subtext than in the anime series. It’s (understandably) pretty standard shoujo with the love triangle.

        And somehow it looks even more hilariously hardcore when it’s live action!

  3. a tangent. have you seen bushido sixteen with narumi riko and kitano kie?
    very roughly, replace karuta with kendo. and you have shinobu and chihaya. (but no arata and no taichi.) the story is of the friendship of the two girls.

    • Oh, neat! I hadn’t heard of it prior to you mentioning it. I like the premise. I looked up a trailer to see if I would be into it, but I’m unlikely to watch it because I think the focus on Japanese actors seems more on cuteness factor than acting ability. (Also, they were just 17 and 19 at the time of filming, so I don’t really hold it against them, but. =P )

  4. hey! sorry i have been absent. just fyi, in case you wanted to watch, you can find the chihayafuru live action movies now. (i have not watched yet.) i hope you are well! take care, tex

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