[Hakka-ya] Strawberry Glaze

Strawberry Glaze

Gosh, my last release was November 2013.  D:  If anyone gets their hands on more Hakka-ya raws lemme know.  Make sure they’re actually raws and not Chinese scanlations though.

Strawberry Glaze features the usual Bucap cuteness… with cameos from Kana, Nodoka, Yumi, Kanbara Wahaha, and others.  And are there untranslated doujin (whether by Hakka-ya or not) that feature Kana’s unrequited love for Mihoko?  I wouldn’t mind taking a peek at (and possibly translating) those.

Or heck, if there’s some super cute/cool (non-sexual, or at least, sex should not be the focus of the doujin) yuri doujin/manga you want translated, send them my way and I’ll take a look.  (No promises.)

Hint: If it involves “Iya… dame…”, “Kimochi ii…”, or “Kanjichau…!” cliches, giant boobs, OoC, or any men, it’s not my cup of tea.  What it should have is originality, good art, and an interesting storyline/lots of fluffiness.  I’ll obviously be more interested if you share something from a fandom that I’ve already mentioned on the blog, but it’s not a prereq.


The last thing I’d expect was for the Summer Volume to make me watch a clip from The Dark Knight Rises and hear that ridiculous, grating raspy voice and the surreal levels of Gary Stu idiocy being shoved in my face, but what can you do?

The Summer Volume/Natsu-hen is quite similar to the Spring one in terms of its mechanics, but I have to say that Erika is a much more engaging protagonist than Suou was.  We’re now privy to Erika’s thoughts, and it’s fun seeing her referring to certain people disparagingly in her mind.

The Summer Volume tries its very best to avoid spoilers for the mini mysteries in the Spring Volume, but inevitably, they kinda had to mention the protagonist’s name.  But other than that, Erika references past deduction games vaguely without giving anything away.  Still, since it’s a direct sequel and picks up pretty much right after the end of the Spring Volume, it’s recommended that you play through that first, Even if I personally found the Spring Volume ridiculous and completely infuriating.

So we’re thrust in the thick of things as Erika watches Chidori (a professional singer and actor) perform the ballet version of The Sleeping Beauty on stage in the principal role of Aurora.  Erika’s overcome with affection and admiration toward Chidori and the passion she conveys on stage.  But at the same time, envy and frustration well up inside her as she considers her own inability to walk, much less dance.

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[Innocent Grey] FLOWERS -Le volume sur été- (Preview)

Forewarning: I know I’ll ragequit this VN at some point (again), but nevertheless, here I am.  It’s a smart tactic they’re going with.  Making me wait a year so the absolute hatred I had for the spring volume subsides majorly.  Also, spoilers abound.  So continue at your own peril.

So the second installment of Flowers (Summer Volume) is coming out on April 17th.  And I’m getting sucked in again because a) the artwork is still ridiculously gorgeous, and b) Erika is starring in this volume as the protagonist (?!?!?!).

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Person of Interest 4×11

I would’ve had more (angry) feelings about this, but before I talk about anything else I want to address the fact that Sarah had to leave the show because she’s pregnant with twins and Shaw is, obviously, a character not remotely compatible with this state of being.

It’s tough either way, but as Sarah says, it’s a no-brainer for her.  You’ve obviously got your priorities skewed if you think a TV show with a ship you like (probably the most vocal protests will be coming from shippers and not people who watch PoI for PoI) is more important than the safety of two foetuses that the mother wants to keep.

And I highly prefer this to anything else.  We’ve seen what “be careful what you wish for” ends up being like (COUGHWAREHOUSE13COUGH).  I am so down for Shaw exiting the show in a totally Shaw-like way.  And Sarah fought hard for this.  She fought hard to give this to Shaw instead of having her chained to a desk and having Bear keep her company in the subway hideout.

They even talked about working the pregnancy in, and AHAHAHAHAHA, no.  Shaw can barely sit still for two hours.  Nine months?  Hell no.  She’d never get pregnant in the first place (contraceptives if she’s having sex with a guy) but even if she somehow managed to get pregnant, she’d abort safely rather than leave it to the inevitable miscarriage it’d be (because let’s face it, even if you want to argue she’ll be completely OoC and keep the foetus, she’s NOT going to sit still until she’s the size of a whale and is physically incapable of moving quickly).

See, Shaw’s leaving in a graceful way, and the promo for “Control Alt Delete” shows they’re writing it the best way possible — Shaw can stay off the show indefinitely and still come back easily if or when Sarah wants to, assuming PoI is still airing.

Look, it's a foregone conclusion.  They're saying their goodbyes.

Look, it’s a foregone conclusion. They’re saying their goodbyes.

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The Legend of Korra

Anyone else watch LoK?

I watched a couple of episodes from the first season awhile back when Korrasami surfaced, but it was really heteronormative so I dropped it… then tumblr exploded in response to the LoK finale, so I went back and watched the later episodes.

The creators have come out and confirmed that Korrasami is a thing, and while they were definitely hints toward them feeling deeply toward one another, I dunno, I just didn’t think it was really that shippable?  Like I’m not squeeing, and it doesn’t take much for me to squee.

I dunno.  I feel like I should be excited, and in a way I am, but I’m also not?  Everyone’s like YAY QUEER REPRESENTATION, and I’m just like… kids ain’t gonna catch that.  It’s plenty obvious if you’re at least in your teens, but…?  I dunno.  It was really nice that the Avatar franchise ended on that note though.  I just wish it were more shippable.  It’s kind of like Cophine… it just doesn’t do it for me.

It’s refreshing to see someone like Korra as the protagonist, though.  I grinned when Mako’s (frail) grandma pointed out Korra was muscular, and her reply was a confused, genuine, “Um… thanks?  You too?”  I found her insufferable in the first season, much like how annoying Harry Potter was in the fourth (?) book when he was being all, you know, emo and angry.  Only Korra was impulsive and stupid.  It was nice seeing her grow into a compassionate and caring woman, worthy of being the Avatar.

I also really liked to coherency of seasons three and four… it’s obivous the two “books” were planned together.  Kuvira’s by far my favourite villain.  You see her progression and shifting allegiance as her goals and focus shifted.  She kind of went all dictatory in the end with concentration camps and coercion and whatnot, but her intentions were good to start.  That’s my favourite sort of villain.  You’ve got your anti-heroes, but I love me some anti-villains!

Psycho-Pass 2 Ep 11

Hehe, I was so unexcited for the finale that I actually forgot to watch the last episode.  :D

Wow, the weird bullshitty stuff is back in full force.  It was like a Throwback Thursday to Season 1’s bullshit.  Ugh.

And Tougane basically just has an Oedipus complex.  What’s that with keeping his mother “pure” though?  She’s CA.  So like…?  That makes about as much sense as “I’m going to keep charcoal black!!” or “I’LL MAKE SURE WATER STAYS WET”?  A+. You get a gold star, Tougane.

And Tougane’s seiyuu is really, really crap at emotional scenes.  He sounds constipated.  But yay!  Hidaka Noriko.  <3  She should be the voice for all public announcements everywhere.

Does anyone really get what happened in this episode?  Because it seemed like a whole lot of hand waving to me.  I get it as far as “judging a group of people collectively and seeing what their PP is” in order to “see” and to “judge” Kamui, as well as how that’s analogous to Sibyl as a collective, even if it retcons on what PP is based on (yes, because having someone else’s spleen is going to affect your PP so much amirite?  And that would make Sibyl’s PP an “inaccurate” reading too, since they’re all just brains).  The fact that Kamui can be recognised is a little iffy (basically this means if you point a Dominator at a corpse now, you can also judge it???) but okay, let’s go with it.  But why could Tougane Misako be judged?

The WHOLE POINT is that she’s CRIMINALLY ASYMPTOMATIC.  Whether she’s judged individually or as a whole does not alter that fact.  Like okay, I get that where they’re going with it is “Oh but even though everyone’s CA, when Sibyl is judged collectively its PP could be above 300, which it is.”  But how do you murder “innocent” (i.e. clear PP) individuals that collectively read 300+?  It would only make sense if you could either a) massacre everyone involved or b) isolate the ones that contribute to this rating.  Kamui’s pointing the Dominator at Misako, not at Sibyl the entity.  Why does it read that high?  Sibyl did this sort of Internal Affairs hoolah and black smogged offending brains, but?

And how is it even possible for Sibyl to isolate the few “bad apples” that make its collective PP go over 300?  They’re all psychopaths.  They’re all creepy little shits that would put Makishima to shame.

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