K-pop Mystery Solved

For the longest time I couldn’t understand why I always had such a negative visceral reaction to K-pop stars.  It’s like no matter what I did I couldn’t even begin to understand its appeal to others.  I’m not particularly into J-pop either, but K-pop has always had a special, shitty place in my heart that I couldn’t quite place my finger on or explain away adequately, until now.

Look at these Korean beauty pageant contestants and tell me they’re not all pretty much clones of one another, courtesy of… dun dun dun, plastic surgery!


I have a shockingly low threshold before the uncanny valley kicks in for me, and these women all look really fucking creepy to me.  In case they do not look creepy to you, consider the following two cases:



Yes, she was pretty before and the fucking terrifying humanoid thing is the ‘after’ picture.


These two real actual people who look like, I dunno, creepy high-end inflatable sex dolls:

Those Korean women pretty much elicit the same reaction from me as this real-life Barbie and Ken pair do, so yeah.

Holy fucking shit in a basket, I’m freaking myself out now.

I cope by like, never looking at their faces in MVs and shit.  This works out for me because there is a certain K-pop group whose legs I think are heavenly, but their faces are still terrifying as fuck, though.

I am pleased that this mystery has been solved.

Orange is the New Black (S2)

Gosh, they’re really enabling the TV marathoners by releasing the episodes all at once again.  I can’t even really use tumblr because of the spoilers.

Is it just me or is it kind of different without Laura Prepon’s hotness in every episode??  I mean, I wouldn’t say I supremely fangirl Prepon or anything, but it just doesn’t feel the same without the trainwrecky nature of her relationship with Piper.  Larry’s being a prick as usual, and I don’t even think that counts as a spoiler.

Though to be fair, everyone is one, in their own way.  It is really nice seeing backstories for a lot of different characters (somehow I don’t think we’d get that with Alex around, so this is nice in its own way).  I think the incidence of f/f relationships and dynamics is a little on the high end though, and that’s saying something coming from me.  But okay???  I guess if it works.

P.S.  A general protip — if you need to preface every other sentence that comes out of your mouth with “no offence, but…” or “I know how this sounds like…” or “I know this sounds bad…”, then you probably shouldn’t be saying half the things you’re saying.  I unfortunately had to interact with someone like that and it’s only about 125% off-putting even if the offensive shit didn’t have anything to do with me at all.



[Innocent Grey] Flowers Visual Novel Review

So okay.  I haven’t played the game through 100% (I almost never do with any game) but I finished Kousaka Mayuri’s route, and I think I’m more or less qualified to write a review for this game now.

- This is a spoiler-free review; a ranty password-protected post will later follow with spoilers abound -

From the makers of Kara no Shoujo, I think Flowers was pretty highly anticipated.  I’m not sure what I expected from the game exactly, but I know it definitely wasn’t this.

Overall?  I’m pretty disappointed in the game.

Think of Flowers as like a gourmet dish that’s garnished beautifully and put on display.

And you’re salivating over it and anticipating the melt-in-your-mouth savoury, tantalising, delectable goodness, and when you put it in your mouth, it tastes really fucking bland.

That’s the best way I can describe this game.

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Cockblocked cliterference by FRIGGIN RIKKA.

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Mayuri’s backstory is kinda weird.

Sorry to everyone who doesn’t want to see this liveblogging-esque crap.  I’ve gotten too used to tumblr.

Oh my god…

I am seriously in love.

She’s all teasing and assertive and playful and blushing and everything and cool and awesome and oh my god lookit her hair!



Why does she exist if there is no route for her?!  (屮゜Д゜)屮??!

Oh my GOD and she totally pseudo-kissed Suou too, and I can’t look at the bloody CG again until I finish one of the routes.  orz orz orz orz


Yuzuriha: Oh, fancy meeting you here, Suou-kun.

[Blows air into Suou's ear]

Suou: Eep!

Yuzuriha: Oh, did I startle you?  ^^

Suou: If you suddenly blow air into someone’s ear, anyone would be startled!  Um… I was thinking this earlier too, but can’t you just call out to people normally?

Yuzuriha: Oh, well, then ‘normally’ — Oh hey!  Suou-kun, you’re smokin’ today as usual! :D

Yuzuriha: I could greet you like that instead… but it’d be impossible to tell it’s me just from that alone.

Suou: It’s incredibly obvious who you are even if people saw you from the back — your beautiful silver hair is a dead giveaway.

Yuzuriha: ( `///`) Um… uh… this is embarrassing for me.  People rarely compliment me or make a pass at me.  ( `///`) <3

Suou: =__=… …

Yuzuriha: Suou-kun, if you wish, next time I could dance and glide in as I make my entrance.  And go, “Oh, Milady!  Won’t you allow me the pleasure of this dance?”

Suou: I can’t dance at all!  In that case I’d just end up stepping on your toes, you know.

Yuzuriha: That’s totally fine.  :D  [laughter]

I can’t handle this.




P.S.  Eh… Rikka seems especially super pushy, bossy, and unintentionally emotionally manipulative/guilt trippy to me in recent scenes.  You know who she reminds me of.  SHE REMINDS ME OF TAMAO FROM SP!.  “Oh noes Nagisa you’re sad??  BE HAPPY!!! I LIKE IT WHEN YOU SMILE!!!”  God I can’t take that crap for shit.  I don’t think there’s anything I hate more than people who purport to care about you but can’t get their heads out of their asses long enough to consider other people’s feelings for even half a second.