FLOWERS — Yuri Visual Novel

Okay people, new yuri visual novel alert:

Flowers by Innocent Grey

[Detailed translated summary within]

The art is, shall we say, beyond fucking gorgeous.  The game’s coming out April 18th, but I suspect it’ll be a few days after that before someone uploads a torrent or download for it.  Upside is, the demo just came out on March 15th, so for anyone who’s interested, you can go here to download it (113 MB, and some ads on the site may be NSFW).

Obviously, if you play it’ll be in Japanese, but I thought I might as well write a summary.

You play the game from the perspective of Shirahane Suou.

She is quiet and timid by nature, but often mistaken as ‘cool’ and stoic by others because of her taciturnity.

Before enrolling into the (boarding) school, she lived with her grandfather and received distance education, which further exacerbated her shyness and lack of social grace around people.

But rather than disliking people in general, Suou genuinely desires to forge meaningful friendships with her peers at school.  Still, she gets nervous easily and her face flushes in embarrassment more often than not.

Voice Sample:


The others (the ones that show up in the demo, anyway):

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Badass Normal Mahjong Moment

Okay, so like… still kind of not interested in most things, but I do keep up with Tenhou.

And I need to share this totally cool moment.  Kajiki Yumi would most certainly be proud of me.

(Credentials: I’m currently R1796, incidentally.)


So okay, as you can see above, we’re in oorasu, and I’m second (by 2700 points).  Really nowhere near tenpai, and I already know first place dude shin6k is good at bailing, so there’s pretty much no hope of me coming out first.  So I start bailing (which is good, considering in hindsight since I have like all the winning tiles) and I’m settling for second place.


Mahjong01bI get all four 7 sou?

And I’m like.

Hey wait a fucking minute.

First place dude shin6k is dealer, so if the guy in last place who riichi’ed (and who’s trailing by 30k points, so he won’t do any damage whatsoever as long as no one deals into his hand directly) were to tsumo, shin6k would have to pay double of whatever I pay.

If I were to boost last place’s hand, it’s possible the difference the dealer has to pay would put me on top.

So there I go, happily kan’ing that little sucker as I continue to bail, and BAM.

Mahjong01cWith my little strategy I manage to boost his hand to a haneman, and…


Ah, mahjong.

Uninformative and Uninteresting Update


I actually haven’t watched a single anime episode since awhile before Hallowe’en, and even then it’s only largely because my partner-in-crime kinda half dragged, half enticed me into watching two episodes of Kill la Kill (dragged due to the terribly misogynistic nature of it that makes my eyes roll back so far they go 360 degrees) and enticed with (who else but) Kiryuuin Satsuki.  Yuzuki Ryouka using her deep voice is my queen, srsly.

Anyway, I’m sure this whole post is entirely of no interest to you, but here I am typing it up anyway.  And apologies to atua and Sol Falling for not having replied to their comments — I took the recommendations to heart, but since I’ve practically lost interest in uh, everything, it’s kinda hard to take up the recs at this point in time.  I will take a look at them when I can, though.

On a more positive note, I recommend watching Disney’s Frozen if you haven’t yet.  I ship Elsa/Anna hard.  (Elsa and Anna are sisters.)  The best part?  The Westermarck effect may have had trouble kicking in due to their estrangement.  :D  It was cute seeing how awkward they were with each other at the coronation.

On another note, when looking at behind the scenes videos, the dormant seiyuu fangirl in me gets irritated and miffed by how much the actors are paid, their (much better) working conditions, and how the animators match their voices to animation instead of the other way around… when their voice acting (while decent) has nothing on the seiyuu I love.

Oh and I ship Johanna x Katniss too… but I haven’t watched the movie.  Yes, I can do that.

[Hakka-ya] Hajimete no Amimono

Hajimete no Amimono
(First Knitted Scarf)

So yes, I have been kind of dead, yada yada, but here you go.

I dunno if it’s the addition of Yumi (and a little Kajumomo) but somehow it doesn’t have as much of the d’awwww feeling as the usual Hakka-ya Bucap?  Dunno.

Incidentally, I am feeling more excited about the second season of Psycho-Pass (let’s hope Urobuchi ups the gaylicious factor with Shion, Yayoi, and hopefully, the new Inspector girl Shimotsuki) than the second season of Saki (the new art style makes me cry a little, and with the focus ostensibly on mahjong, I don’t see Bucap getting much love) or the upcoming Hisa chapters in the manga.

And is it just me, or is MediaFire being a butt and not letting me upload .zip files with Japanese characters in them?


Sadly, I have been neglecting my poor little blog.  (No shit, Sherlock.)

Technically, this is little more than a placeholder in a paper-thin disguise with a lampshade hung upon it, but I’d like to put in some information as well.  I have been working on another Hakka-ya release (thanks to phoenix3934 for pointing the doujin out to me back in August), but I know better than to give a release date.  :D  What I can tell you though, is that its theme has an autumny/wintry feel.  It’s Hisa and Mihoko… with scarves!  (Some KajuMomo too, if I remember correctly.  That may be the reason why I keep putting it off.  I need me some 100% Bucap.)

Meanwhile, SPEAKING OF SHERLOCK… (me and my amazing segues), don’t be a Sherlock (BBC) elitist and watch Elementary for Lucy Liu.  I love that woman, srsly.  The premiere for season two aired a few days ago.  :D

Sherlock is great and all, but I’m terrified of “Cumberbitches” as much as fujoshi scare the crap out of me.  It doesn’t help that many lesbian fangirls scare me too…  I wonder if I have that effect on others when I fangirl.  (Not that any fucks would be given even in the case that I do. <3)

Oh, and here, the cutest and most talented young singer soft butch you will ever see in your life:

You’re welcome.

Orange is the New Black

Hello, serendipity, we meet again.

So somehow I ended up starting Orange is the New Black.  Usually with TV series, I tend to get bored by the premise or the lack of chemistry or the genre pretty early on.  As in, I can’t even last through the first episode.  Fringe was like that, for instance.

But OitNB kind of spoke to me, I think.  It’s a series with a huge ensemble cast, and if you ask me, to be honest, I can’t remember most characters’ names.  But the way their stories are told is very compelling.  Basically it’s about the protagonist Piper Chapman (Taylor Schilling) having her past catch up with her and getting her ass landed in jail because of her drug-smuggling girlfriend Alex Vause (Laura Prepon) from her youth.  Chapman carried drug money for her girlfriend once, and ten years later she pays for it with 15 months in jail.

The series deals with Chapman’s transitioning from the real world into the fishbowl of prison, and how she copes with life in there as her fiancé remains supportive (despite being completely blindsided by Chapman’s illegal activities and apparent ‘romp’ in her youth).

Piper Chapman (Taylor Schilling)

The pilot has more sexual content in it than the rest of the series by a wee bit, and as some of the first scenes in the first few seconds, I’d say it was intended as a bit of an attention grabber, but it’s not a Deus Sex Machina and I find it relevant to the story being told. Ironically, I find it’s a less heavy-handed way of speaking about Chapman’s sexuality.  It’s actually never really brought up as something to categorise, and I think that’s pretty swell.  Chapman’s fiancé, family, and friends consider lesbianism as a switch that turns on and off and speak frequently about her “turning into a lesbian”, or “turning back”, but the series itself isn’t homophobic and I like to think it has a bit of a love story in there too.

Alex Vause (Laura Prepon)

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Stella Jogakuin Koutouka C3bu (ep 1 + 2)

So okay.  I haven’t really watched that many series this season, but I feel confident in asserting that this is the gayest show this summer.   C3bu (Shii-kyuu-bu) can be best described as Maria Holic meets Girls und Panzer (with reference to K-ON thrown in for good measure).  The story is basically about a bunch of girls in a club where they play survival games with airsoft guns.  But with yuri.

We have a protagonist called Yamato Yura who’s kind of out of it but prone to yuri fantasies that are so gay it would put a gay parade to shame.  She’s a bit of a ditz, but relatively lovable (read: I managed not to hate her) and not as frustrating or headdesking as I would’ve assumed otherwise.

Yamato Yura

Yamato Yura (CV: Makino Yui)

Make no mistake though — her seiyuu Makino Yui is still shit, but as I will explain later, it manages to work (through no effort of her own).  Makino is yet another one of many people “who can sing but can’t seiyuu”.  I adore her singing for the Aria OPs, but her voice acting does make one cringe.

The hilarious thing about Yura (from what I’ve seen in the last two episodes, anyway) is her predilection for butch girls.  See, not everyone can have fantasies like these: Continue reading