Inspector and Enforcer

Oh my poor heart.  ;w;

Watch Psycho-Pass Season 1, episode 8, 16:05 – 16:50 for Yayoi comforting Shimotsuki after they find her friend’s mutilated corpse.

I really feel like this was intentional… that the Shimotsuki and Yayoi’s dymanic was planned from the start.  It’s heartbreaking, really??

Like… imagine.  You’re sixteen or something, and your friend’s friend goes missing, and while you know it’s immature of you, you feel jealous that your friend keeps going on and on about the missing friend and doesn’t seem to care about you at all.  And then you sulkily suggest she go to the one person who turns out to be the murderer for advice, and you feel godawful and guilty and shitty for being petty and for, basically, you feel, being responsible for your friend’s death.

A woman a couple years older than you comes up to you, and offers you kind and gentle words.  She offers you a shoulder to cry on.  She’s practically a stranger, and you don’t know why she cares, but she does, and instead of telling you to suck it up or to hold it in or treating you like a child, she lets you cry and vent your bewilderment and sadness.  You cry in her arms and it feels like nothing will feel right again.

Skip forward a couple of months.  Sibyl, for whatever reason, has decided you’re suited for Inspector work at the Bureau.  Since that incident you have become a lot more guarded and cynical, and you feel kind of angry at the world, and you value justice and the law above all.  You’ve developed a stronger dislike and hatred of latent criminals and other ‘sub’ citizens.  You’ve come into contact with the dark underbelly of humanity before, and you know what people can do.  What they’re capable of.  The thought of your friend’s body, desecrated even in death, flits through you mind.

The woman who offered you comfort long months ago has long since faded from your mind, but now you’re at the Bureau, and you see that, of course, she’s here too — she’s an Enforcer, and that’s why she was at the crime scene back then in the first place.  You’ve been placed in the same division as her, and it feels odd, because you’re technically her supervisor now, but really, you’re just a floundering little fledgling on the first day of her job.

When you’re unsure about something and your senpai is unavailable, you find it’s easiest to go to her for clarification.  When you first saw each other again on the job, you could see the recognition reflect similarly in her eyes, but she’s remained reserved, polite, and professional, like she’s never seen you bawl your eyes out over your friend’s death, and you’re grateful for that.  Kunizuka Yayoi is a kind woman, you know, and while you still greatly mistrust latent criminals in general, you know she has the capacity to love and care, and that she’s someone you can trust.

You don’t know when you start feeling this way, but the general sense of familiarity you feel toward her grows into affection, and then to something more.  You find yourself impossibly self-conscious around her, and while it’s ridiculous, your desire for professionalism (ostensibly to impress upon her how much you’re an adult, you think) intensifies whenever she is around.  Which is pathetic of you, you know, really, because it means maintaining a professional distance from her, but you can’t even manage that.  Your face grows hot whenever her gaze holds your own, and half the time you stammer like a twelve-year-old with a schoolgirl crush (which isn’t that far off from reality, really).

One time, when you feel particularly brave, you try calling her ‘Yayoi-san’, and her name just rolls off your tongue so naturally it feels like it was meant to be.  She looks at you and smiles indulgently, and you avert your gaze, but a pleasureable warmth spreads through you anyway as you return her smile.  You keep calling her ‘Yayoi-san’ from then onwards.

At nights after work when you return home, you often find yourself in bed staring up at the ceiling, wondering.  Why did Sibyl choose for you to be an Inspector and designate Yayoi-san as a latent criminal?  She is kind and considerate.  She has good work ethic.  She’s a good person, and you know this in your heart.  You don’t understand Sibyl’s decision, just this once.  Yayoi-san is at the Bureau now, and you know it’s nothing more than a glorified prison for an Enforcer.  You wonder what she is doing, but comfort yourself with the fact that you will get to see your crush in the morning again.  Even if you know nothing can come of it.  You turn in your bed, and fall asleep with a heavy heart.

Sometimes you daydream at work even when you shouldn’t, and you think in an ideal world you would still be an Inspector, and Yayoi-san would just be a regular citizen and probably make music.  You have an inkling that she used to be a musician when you see her browse guitar catalogues with great interest during breaks.  You look at her behind your mug of coffee as you write up your reports for the day, and you do not imagine her strumming a guitar or serenading you with a song on a lazy Sunday afternoon, because then that would make it feel too real.

It’s not easy, but you live with it, because you know nothing can come of it.  You’re an Inspector, and she’s an Enforcer.


I’m not really sure why this turned into a second-person POV present-tense drabble.  I have this intense need for Triang Relations #4 love triangles, I realise.  Same with Bucap.  I intensely and deeply feel Kana –> Mihoko (one way, obviously).  Same here with Mika –> Yayoi.  I THINK IT’S BECAUSE IT SATISFIES BOTH MY NEED FOR HAPPY ENDINGS AND THE EMOTIONAL RESONANCE OF UNREQUITED LOVE.  IT’S LIKE ALL I LOOK FOR IN YURI.

Psycho-Pass 2 Ep 02






Calm down, Inspector Shimotsuki.  Ginoza-san used to be an Inspector, so his advice will surely come in handy. ^^

(⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)⁄… Yayoi-san…

… ( ≧Д≦) !  No! I won’t listen to him. <(`^´)>



In other news, hell yeah, Urobuchi should write one-season-long-only series forever.  LOOK.  THE FIRST CASE ISN’T ‘RANDOM’, and it immediately ties in to Effeminate Emo Dude (Kamui)’s super creepy plans.

And wait what, I’m lost, is Akane trying to smell like she’s smoking, but isn’t actually smoking???  Or is she trying to smoke in a completely half-assed way by like, second-hand smoking which is more harmful than direct straight up smoking since you’re not breathing in that stuff through filters???  I’m so lost.

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Psycho-Pass 2 Ep 01

In the famous words of Toyosaki Aki…


I’m dying.  I’m really, truly, actually dying in this completely figurative way.  But I’m still dying nonetheless.  Psycho-Pass 2‘s first episode reminds me of everything I love about Urobuchi’s writing and nothing of that pretentious philosophical hipster drivel (you know Makishima would totally have an Instagram account and post filtered pictures of vintage copies of books he’s reading don’t tell me otherwise).

~~~ vintage ~~~

ANYWAY. I’m not even sure where to begin.  So okay, Hanazawa Kana’s performance is as lacklustre as ever, but at least she’s not honking like a sad angry goose like in that Bakemonogatari sequel/spin-off, so I’ll call that a win for everyone involved.  Tsunemori Akane’s competence this episode does veer somewhat into Mary Sue territory, but since it’s the first episode I’ll give her a free pass (for now) for ‘setting the tone’ purposes.  I mean, the deductive reasoning, holding the team back, getting inside the guy’s head, and everything makes sense, but the “cool” pose she strikes after kaplooey-ing the bomb-strapped robot was a little too much, you get me?

*poses* *flips hair* “Goddamnit, I’m such a beautiful, tragic mess.”

Uh, how about no.

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K-pop Mystery Solved

For the longest time I couldn’t understand why I always had such a negative visceral reaction to K-pop stars.  It’s like no matter what I did I couldn’t even begin to understand its appeal to others.  I’m not particularly into J-pop either, but K-pop has always had a special, shitty place in my heart that I couldn’t quite place my finger on or explain away adequately, until now.

Look at these Korean beauty pageant contestants and tell me they’re not all pretty much clones of one another, courtesy of… dun dun dun, plastic surgery!


I have a shockingly low threshold before the uncanny valley kicks in for me, and these women all look really fucking creepy to me.  In case they do not look creepy to you, consider the following two cases:



Yes, she was pretty before and the fucking terrifying humanoid thing is the ‘after’ picture.


These two real actual people who look like, I dunno, creepy high-end inflatable sex dolls:

Those Korean women pretty much elicit the same reaction from me as this real-life Barbie and Ken pair do, so yeah.

Holy fucking shit in a basket, I’m freaking myself out now.

I cope by like, never looking at their faces in MVs and shit.  This works out for me because there is a certain K-pop group whose legs I think are heavenly, but their faces are still terrifying as fuck, though.

I am pleased that this mystery has been solved.

Orange is the New Black (S2)

Gosh, they’re really enabling the TV marathoners by releasing the episodes all at once again.  I can’t even really use tumblr because of the spoilers.

Is it just me or is it kind of different without Laura Prepon’s hotness in every episode??  I mean, I wouldn’t say I supremely fangirl Prepon or anything, but it just doesn’t feel the same without the trainwrecky nature of her relationship with Piper.  Larry’s being a prick as usual, and I don’t even think that counts as a spoiler.

Though to be fair, everyone is one, in their own way.  It is really nice seeing backstories for a lot of different characters (somehow I don’t think we’d get that with Alex around, so this is nice in its own way).  I think the incidence of f/f relationships and dynamics is a little on the high end though, and that’s saying something coming from me.  But okay???  I guess if it works.

P.S.  A general protip — if you need to preface every other sentence that comes out of your mouth with “no offence, but…” or “I know how this sounds like…” or “I know this sounds bad…”, then you probably shouldn’t be saying half the things you’re saying.  I unfortunately had to interact with someone like that and it’s only about 125% off-putting even if the offensive shit didn’t have anything to do with me at all.